Is there any update on Soylent Bar?


Was it the severity of the recall issue or something else that prevented the bars form returning last year?


Will the bars be available in Canada?


From the recent reddit AMA:

Are food bars ever coming back or are they gone forever?

[–]SoylentCEOVerified[S] [score hidden] 5 hours ago
We are really focused on expanding the Drink platform and working on new innovation so no plans to re-launch the bars. - Bryan

[–]RobAttrell [score hidden] 5 hours ago
This is very sad. I loved each and every one of the 35 bars I ate (my wife had one), and I’ve missed them dearly since. I haven’t really found anything that replaces them fully. Sorry to hear they won’t be returning.

[–]Superior347 [score hidden] 5 hours ago
Thanks. Disappointing to hear, but glad to know to stop expecting them.

[–]vdogg89 [score hidden] 5 hours ago
It’s really strange that you guys launched bars and decided to kill the entire product because of digestion issues. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to re-formulate the recipe rather than build out entirely new products?

[–]SoylentconorSoylent[:cake:] 11 points 4 hours ago
It’s a widely competitive market. With many established brands. It takes at more effort to break into. In a grocery store the bar isle can have upwards for 40 brands. But for ready to drink meals that number is often times much smaller.


What a bummer :frowning: . The bar was so good; the sweetness was a bit much but I loved the salted caramel flavor and the cookie dough-like texture.


I think it must have been a case of try to juggle too many balls and they all fall down. I think the bars would have been a sure-fire success, but it reminds me of a Civil War quip: “Another victory like that, and we’re done for!”


Yeah it’s unfortunate we never got to see them return last year. A nectar bar would have even been great to see.


We made them, we just never launched them.


Which one the reformulation or nectar flavor?