Is there any way to save money on recurring charge/subscription?


I remember when I was a new customer. I found a coupon code online which reduced a proportion of the cost on the first shipment. I am wondering if there is a similar coupon I can use to reduce cost on recurring charge/subscription?
Thank you for your help in advance.

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Sorry, all the coupons so far have been single use. I think the idea of providing them is to reduce the sampling barrier for first timers and track how many people came from their sponsorships. A continuous coupon is effectively a price cut for whatever lucky individuals come across it, which they do more fairly by just cutting the price.

Happy new years!

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Yes, I think Sententia is correct in that the codes so far were meant to encourage first-time buyers which is why they were only allowed once.

The recent price cut was an example of a permanent price drop.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah it is apparently “fairer” to just cut down the price, though I wouldn’t mind a little bit of price discrimination : D

Thank you for the info! Unfortunately I am subscribing to 2.0 now so it doesn’t actually benefit me.