Is there sulfur in Soylent?


Just curious if there’s sulfur in official Soylent 1.0. My order is arriving today and I want to make sure I add anything to it that I should. I am adding some Vitamin D3, because it is better than the D2 in Soylent, and I also plan on adding a capsule of Vitamin K2, because it is better than K1 in Soylent.


As I understand it, the rice protein in Soylent contains sulfur (or is easily converted to sulfur by the body).


There’s sufficient sulfur in the amino acids of the protein. There’s not an additional sulfur source like MSM if that’s what you were wondering about. General consensus is that it’s not necessary.


That is what I was wondering. I added MSM to my DIY Soylent. Sulfur has proven health benefits. Is there anything else anyone recommends adding? I already take a probiotic and a digestive enzyme pill.