Is this an official product?



Looks real to me. I wonder who is making it.


Tempted to test the waters…


They’re talking about it on reddit.


Something to bookmark-- my family has a history of Alzheimer’s and apparently a Ketogenic diet has been recommended as a management method for patients suffering from mild to severe Alzheimer’s (although there have been no clinical trials that I can find for Alzheimer’s and a Ketogenic diet.)


Also of note, a ketogenic diet is sometimes recommended for epilepsy patients too.


More and more good alternatives are coming up. I dont think people who want only a keto diet will go for this. Other people too maybe inclined to try it out if it gets positive word of mouth. Add to this other new DIYs and existing DIYs getting better with their next versions. Soylent really needs to fix any and all issues with 1.3.


It’s not “official” as in Rosa Labs, from what I can tell it’s a variant of QuidNYC’s Ketofood which is exactly what I’m “eating” right now. You can also mix your own fairly easily;

For those without the time or resources to mix their own, it looks like a solid product. Getting a day or a week of pre-mixed is also a good way to test the waters to see if it’s something you want to drop the $$$ into.


2% Vitamin D :confused: too low for a scandinavian like myself heh