Is this clump of goo at the bottom of the bottle bad for me?

I just opened-up a Solent 2.0 and towards the end of the bottle felt like I drank a booger. Very unsettling. Anyway I poured the rest out into a little pan and cut it open to make sure it wasn’t full of spider eggs or something – Fortunately(?) it just seems to be a clump of Soylent 2.0 goo.

Sooooo… Is this normal?


I haven’t seen a big clump like that yet, but I do shake my bottles before opening (even though it’s supposedly unnecessary).

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Anybody who has mixed their own Solyent 1.x knows how hard it is to get all of the nutrients to dissolve perfectly. @Trad had it exactly right: Add some water, shake, and consume.


I’ve never seen anything like that. I haven’t felt a lump in any 2.0 I’ve drank over the last months. I always shake the bottle a little before I open it but that looks like more than a couple shakes would solve. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far.

While they do have commercial machines to mix 2.0 as smooth as possible, clumping is still possible. Basically, the content of 2.0 are solids suspending in liquid, oils aren’t really soluble in water either. I am surprised they are able to get it as smooth as they do in 2.0.

As someone else said, being a consumer of 1.5… we are used to the clumps trying our hardest to get that powder off the sides of the pitcher.

Yes it’s common, at least for me. I think it’s just things settling to the bottom. Storing the bottles on their side (vs upright) seems to have helped. I’m guessing that’s because things settle out over a larger surface area and are more easily resuspended.

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it’s a preview of the paste?