Is this the longest period of silence we've experienced so far?


Or is it just that I have more time on my hands and I’m paying more attention?

Regarding people not getting re-ordered product…And radio silence re, same.


It’s not the longest period of silence in the history of the community but it’s definitely the longest in awhile. @Soylent has only been silent for about two weeks (though their previous communications before that were almost entirely responses to order inquiries), but it comes at a time when the community seems increasingly concerned about other customer service issues and in the wake of news of a large investment that should, in my opinion, free up RL to put more focus on community outreach.

EDIT: By “awhile” I mean many months. I remember a post awhile ago from before the “Soylent” username was created as a catch-all where one of the RL employees acknowledged previous shortcomings in community involvement and renewed Soylent’s commitment to keeping us informed. I’ll see if I can find it.


Previous total silence was around July when they have been concerned about the formula problem.
They stopped communication and stopped shipping.

This time they paused on orders from backlog, but not subscribers (in majority). I know about deliveries in second decade of January. Of course you can guess that most of people who do receive shipments doesn’t write on forum about that each time. They write only if they didn’t receive, again coming to estimation of ~10K subscribers.
Most of subscribers can bear with gap in communication as long as their shipments are coming. It’s the biggest difference in my opinion between July silence and this one.


I do wonder if it’s all due to quality control issues and the recent unusual bags. Like you said about July, it does seem when they have a potential issue they seem to get quiet as opposed to being more open about it.


Now that you mention it there was a bunch of “funk bags” reported both in the bag itself and its contents. Then that dumb “class action” thread and right after that a flood of “where’s my Soylent” threads.


Really, it just wouldn’t be that hard for them to just pop in here and participate now and again. They don’t have to focus on playing defense with specific screw-ups, which is what they had reduced themselves to communication-wise the past several months, just chime in on things and keep folks better informed on little things going on with the company.

A little transparency and charm would buy loads of patience. I used to read through the forum before I initially ordered, and one of the things that struck me then (and which continued after I out in my order, up to that July radio silence) was the way RL folks would answer general questions and simply be "present*. I have a hard time understanding that this would present such a challenge to RL to resume. It’s inane of them, frankly.


I’m going to guess they’re busy planning what to do with the extra money that came in ($20 million) They’re changing strategies, seeing how they can best use the money.


Best strategy would be to send people’s orders. lol :smirk:



I share all concerns with others regarding the radio silence, and I am very sympathetic for those who have had problems getting their orders and, especially, reorders (since those folks already had endured the initial eternal wait). I remember the frustration of the initial wait acutely. I do want to add a voice from the no longer discontented, though, and state that my interactions with the Soylent team have always been positive and reasonably prompt. So things haven’t been all bad for me, anyway. Since I just increased my subscription from 2 to 4 weeks, however, I feel I have exposed myself to “through the cracks” syndrome. But until there is a problem, I think it’s fair for my unremarkable but pleasant experience to be considered along with the myriad legitimate gripes.


Just got an email update from them concerning reorders.

We are writing to let you know that your Soylent order will ship approximately 3-7 days later than its guaranteed shipping date (14 days after billing). Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience.

This delay was caused by an interruption in our ingredient supply chain. To ensure that our product includes only the best ingredients, we perform rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing on all of our raw ingredients upon receipt. Unfortunately, a recent shipment of our custom vitamin and mineral blend did not pass QA testing, and had to be replaced by the manufacturer. Although delivering your Soylent on time is of the utmost importance, the health and safety of our customers always take precedence.

I also got a discount code, which was nice.



This is the best thing they could have done. This is what was hoped for… although I didn’t imagine the discount. They have shown some courtesy and for that I am grateful.


I got an email from Soylent telling me that, on my deathbed, I will retain total consciousness. So I got that going for me.


I honestly feel like people hit the panic button much too quickly these days. I blame the internet.

Then again, I’m old - for me, a “tweet” = a smoke signal from the big hill to the south-east.


I never understood twitter as well. Do we really need to know every little thing?

But to be fair, there were those that were automatically charged for two months with nothing to show for it (500$ down the hole) and no reply to inquiries. It was legitimately frustrating for many … it could be that I am bit of a complainer so maybe I have a bias but I just recently waited 6 months for the first order only to have to wait again with no replies to what was going on… all of which could have been averted if they just told us the problem early on…

Doesn’t matter now. It’s been repaired so I am happy.

Besides, I have the hope to see crystalline elves on my death bed. Thanks to Soylent, the added in DMT will accumulate and eventually be released from my pineal gland upon my death.

Ok, I lied… there is no DMT in Soylent but the crystalline elves part is true.


ima open a twitter account: #soylentfarts

about once a minute i’ll be tweeting “i just farted”


Honestly, that may become a hit. Don’t give anyone ideas…


Well, there go my hopes and dreams.

And yeah, maybe people are jumping the gun a bit but this is very much the RL folks returning to a pattern of poor communication that they explicitly stated they would be fixing. It feels pretty shabby, especially when people are out several hundred dollars on orders of what should be their main food supply. If that money is their food budget for the month, waiting a week or two could hurt a lot more than you might think

Not that I’m personally affected, I’ve still got a couple of weeks of surplus to ride this out :slight_smile:


Gimmick accounts are the best thing about Twitter:


Hey guys, per the new policy, please refer all questions/concerns to either the official single order and general, or official subscription customer feedback topic.


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