Isn't gas a symptom of nutrients malabsorption?


If one does a bit of research on the Internet, one major symptom of nutrients malabsorption is loads of flatulences. Shouldn’t it be at least slightly concerning then if one has most of its diet as Soylent and still get gas on a regular basis?


There are various causes of flatulence. But like you mentioned gas generally occurs when bacteria eats the food that you haven’t digested fully(Fiber and oatflour are probably the main components that come to mind). However, your gut bacteria need to be fed (There are 10 times as many bacteria than human cells in your body) so this is desirable to some extent.


Gas is good!


A bit of gas might be fine for gut bacteria, but I’m worried that a significant proportion of the nutrients is not getting absorbed correctly. This may change the nutritional value of a Soylent meal quite significantly.


You might visit a mayo clinic to have mineral analysis done on your hair. They will run tests on your… fecal matter too if you’re really interested. It isn’t expensive. That would give you a fairly good picture of what’s not getting absorbed.

Considering the fact that most of the micros are bound to highly absorbed salts and sulfates, your body would be the more likely culprit of any malabsorption.


That always scares the crap out of me.


According to XKCD, the total mass of bacteria on earth outweighs the total mass of humans thousands to one, not even counting the several pounds of them in your body.


And don’t even get started on viruses:


In other news, I think I just got banned from sending links to my wife for the rest of the year…


Isn’t that physical impossible? I find it a little hard to believe that 91% of my weight is inside my intestines. If that much bacteria were anywhere else my immune system would kill and eat them.


A bacteria cell doesn’t weigh as much as a human cell.


Are they (10+)x smaller than human cells?


Apparently the answer is yes.


They eat the macro nutrients mainly… Like protein, carbs…


If you pick up a handful of soil, there are more bacteria in there than there are people on planet earth, and we have no idea what 95% of them do.


I will add that our poop… All poop for that matter is very nutritious. We don’t really absorb 100% of anything we eat… Almost all poop is like that.


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How long have you been drinking Soylent?


I’m on my 10th bag. It has been about three weeks now. I drink them kinda slowly. I still get way more gas than I used to.