Isn't gas a symptom of nutrients malabsorption?


This actually made me laugh out loud.


This made me laugh even harder!


Without knowing what your previous diet was like I can only guess as to what the problem may be. It’s possible that your gut bacteria are still pigging out on the increase in fiber you are getting now. If that is the case this may still be a temporary problem.

It’s also possible that your body just doesn’t like one or more of the ingredients. In which case this problem won’t go away and I’m sorry to say Soylent just isn’t for you.

You may consider taking Beano with your Soylent and see if that calms things down.


You’re not alone. I tried getting used to every version of Soylent but I got annoying smelly gas from every one. Fingers crossed for 2.0!


Is 2.0 different from 1.5 other than being premixed?


Yes, the formula is slightly different.


Use it as fertilizer for the algae that will produce the next generation Soylent.


More than slightly different. 1.5 is based around rice protein and oat flour; 2.0 is based around a soy protein isolate.


Isn’t 1.5 fairly low in fiber though? At 3g a serving (48% recommended daily values if you eat 4 servings), it sounds like this wouldn’t be the case. I’ve had to supplement my fiber for this version, and I still have the same issues


Some people get 3g of fiber a week if they are lucky. Without knowing the specifics of your or the OP’s pre-Soylent it’s hard to say whether or not Soylent is a significant increase in fiber or not. If it is that could be the cause of the gas and would be a temporary problem.


Soylent 1.5 contains 45g of potato starch. If it is unmodified potato starch, it is composed of about 30g of resistant starch (RS2) which has the same mechanism of action of both viscous and nonviscous fiber.