Isolate protein from oats


I make seitan at home, by washing out the starch from the gluten. This is very cheap protein, compared to buying soy protein or whey. Gluten would be useful for soylent, but unfortunately it lacks lysine. Oat protein is complete, I think. Do you guys know If theres some way to isolate it? I assume there is.


It’s not complete. I wonder if you can simply eat more of it, to compensate.


Please, do way more research on protein digestion before you start taking soylent. This is just a bad idea.


Can you elaborate to help the author? Provide a link? Just saying “bad idea!” isn’t helping us understand.


If you wanted to use gluten for soylent, one idea would be to add a lysine supplement to it. Assuming you aren’t gluten sensitive, is anybody aware of any issues that would arise from using gluten to get most of one’s protein?

Also, for interest’s sake, here’s a research article on extracting oat protein, and the properties of the resulting protein:


Thx. I’ll look into it.