Issues with People Chow 3.0.1 - need more protein and less corn flavoring


Hi there,

So i did a week trial of People chow 3.0.1 and loved it. There were some issues, however.

First, i’m not a small guy. I need more than 2000 calories, according to this site -, I expend 4456 kcal per day. Ok, weight loss is a goal of mine in this, so i’m cool with restricting my caloric intake - However, I was exhausted, at around noon i’d have a small bag out of peanuts from the vending machine at work and after work, I’d have a small dinner. It still kept my calorie count rather low, and I lost a good bit of weight during the week still. My guess was that i was not putting in nearly enough protein in my soylent - hence me getting incredibly tired. I went to GNC and bought GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 as they told me it would allow me to add protein and not much else.

The other issue i had is that the corn masa was starting to annoy me. Between that thick riverbed-silt feeling washing down my throat with each meal and the overwhelming constant taste of corn, i needed something different. Now, i’ve been trying to change my own version of people chow 3.0.1 to move to olive oil (simply a matter of personal preference.) and Oat Flour (I’ve been able to find it easier around here than corn masa - i’ve yet to find the brand that i purchased for that first week off of amazon in my local supermarket, and I haven’t seen many equivalents. Although i might be missing them, i’m nervous about getting the wrong thing.) , increase my protein intake and my calories a bit (Moving to about 2500-3000) so I can do nothing but soylent throughout the day if i so choose, but after a few hours of trial and error on - every iteration of my recipe poisons me with too much niacin, or too much manganase. If i balance those out, I’m not getting enough of other micro nutrients (Vitamin A, etc) .

I’m looking for some help with this, cause i’d really like to get back onto soylent.


If you don’t like the texture of the masa, mix with hot water and it will re-hydrate it. I’ve been experimenting with this recently and noticed a dramatic improvement in texture. I boil water in a kettle, let cool slightly, mix with dry ingredients in blender and then add anything that I think might be heat sensitive later. In my case, it is the chia seeds. If you use flax, I think that would also be something you would want to avoid exposing to extreme heat.


I just made my DIY recipe public (SchlotkinMD’s Lower Carb Chow (2200 Cal)). I am in the same situation as you. I modified People Chow to be oat flour based (due to my preferred taste), lowered the carbs, and upped the protein. Total Calories is ~2200 (which I am using for weight loss).

Feel free to give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Don’t worry so much about niacin content - it’s a water soluble vitamin, and as long as you aren’t consuming too much at one time, your body should flush any excess out of your system provided you’re drinking enough water. if you get an overdose of niacin, you’ll know it - it’ll be an extremely uncomfortable hot flash that makes your scalp crawl. If you don’t get that, then you should be just fine with your recipe.

Good luck!


Ditto what @isaackotlicky says, I modified mine and it showed high niacin (38 mg) but it is well below any overdose as your body just flushes out through urine. For about a year I was taking 750-1000 mg of niacin daily (high cholesterol) and only had a hot flash once.


The GNC in People Chow uses a Niacinamide/Niacin combination. Niacinamide does not cause flushing. In addition the Masa ingredient in the oiginal People Chow does not list an amount for niacin. In reality masa has a bit.
In other words if you are using the GNC you probly wont even get a hot flash.

I swapped half oat instead of half masa because i dont like the masa. I had not however thought of “cooking” my masa in the water beforehand. I might try that.


I had a similar problem with People Chow 3.0.1 - too many carbs and now enough protein. I haven’t tried using oat flour yet (I let the mixture sit in the fridge for a few hours after adding water, and the masa tastes fine to me) but I also increased the protein, switched to olive oil, and added chia seeds.

This is my recipe, if you’d like to try it: Ax Chow

It’s pretty good! :slight_smile: