It finally happened!


I ran out this month…not since December 2014 have I run out of Soylent but here I am…freaking out because I AM OUT!
Grocery store looming…cooking…dirty dishes… AAARRRGGGHHHH!


It sounds like it is your own fault. People have been reporting that their orders have arrived in just a few days.


She isn’t blaming anyone. She’s just freaking out.

Step out of the way, and let her do her thing. :wink:


I think mock panic merits mock scolding.

There are other ways to avoid dirty dishes and inconvenience. My household traditionally has relied on paper plates, plastic silverware, and microwave food.

(On second thought, AAARRRGGGHHH!)


Yes, probably my fault but I am a subscriber and have never had to worry, the Soylent always showed up prior to my last bag…not this time. Just felt like sharing my pain :smile:

Well, we know what a pause in shipping means (cough cou1.5gh cough)