It is possible open order shipping to Thailand country

Hi, Soylent Team

I am from Thailand Country.
I would like to order a Soylent.
So, It is possible to open order shipping to Thailand

Here the information for shipping to Thailand, maybe helpful to can open can order shipping to Thailand

For business.
I don’t know, maybe have a problem registering the FDA.
maybe have problem with import with custom,

For CONSUMER, end-user
No problem with import to the consumer.

For packaging
Do not ship with BIG BOX. (Large Size, possible to have problem with post mail delivery)
Please shipping package with SMALL PACKAGE, will be fine
USPS Priority Mail Shipping Box is ok
Small size custom box is fine.
Very large size custom boxes may be possibly having problems.
Thailand post mail large box size 30 x 45 x 20 Centimeters

For WEIGHT (Very very Importance)
Weight over 10 Kilograms include packaging. CUSTOMS said that is import for business (Import for sale)
Weight over Under 10 Kilograms include packaging. still allow to consumer
Recommend weight 5-6 Kilograms can be shipping and delivery to customer home no problem.
(9 kilogram, with the small package)
I think the most problem has come from a weight of over 10 kilograms and very large package sizes (BIG BOX).

For end CONSUMER Use, Soylent did not have a problem with Food and Drug Administration of Thailand. (under 10 kilograms)
FDA Thailand allow to end consumer import of self-use only under 10 kilograms
Yes, the problem for Business needs to Register to submit get FDA registered.

Post mail delivery at home
Thailand Postman delivery to customer home by motorcycle (mostly) So
Post mail delivery at home at one time.

Options, courier FedEx, DHL may be better
(I will choose DHL or cheap courier better normal post mail)
The courier have service for clear custom. (Courier may be no problem)
so most problems maybe from normal post mail shipping and yes most problems is come from CUSTOM sure.

Shopping Cart Order system
Maybe calculate with a base on weight order to limited under 9 kilograms per order.
or maybe automatically calculate the weight to package shipping department split an order to a weight under 9 kilograms multi-pack.
Limited order from Thailand to can order at 6-7 kilogram per order and can order multi-order
The cost of multiple shipping cost still cheap more than got CUSTOMS to charge a lot.

Weight over 10 kilograms, will stuck with post mail custom and get charge very expensive and require to pickup. this is a very big problem
Weight under 10 kilogram for consumer, still delivery to home
Large size package maybe have a problem with delivery by motorcycle
Small size package can deliver at home easy no problem.

PS. I am not sure for the last update information upper, try to re-check again.

I hope, soylent can help to open order to shipping to Thailand country soon.
Thank you for the future.

Hi Akaratcnw
Try a freight forwarder like

Hello. Now why would you want to order Soylent in Thailand? Your country already has the best food in the world! (-:

You could try ordering thru Amazon or another big online retailer. I am not sure what is available in Thailand.

If you can’t find any, you could try making something similar. Here is a website for people who like to try to make their own Soylent-type products:

Good luck!