Its all just chemicals?


“Food Additives- An Additive is just what the word says- it is anything that is put into food that adds to such qualities as flavor, freshness, texture, color, keep-ability, ease of preparation and nutritive value.some are natural and some are manufactured. ALL are chemicals - but don’t let that word frighten you. Our Bodies are made up of chemicals and every nutrient we consume - whether protein, carbohydrate, fat or whatever- is really a chemical.” The above is from the Betty Crocker’s Cookbook new and revised edition 1982 It appears in the "Special Helps’ section. It goes on to say many of the same things Rob has mentioned in his blogs. All food can be broken down to its essential chemical compound nutrients and standards for the use of such is maintained under rules to assure food safety is being met.


Sounds right to me, but is there a question here? :smiley:


Probably more of an affirmation. The discussions I had this last week with family about food really made me realize that most people do not see food as chemicals. That is to say a strawberry is a strawberry not its chemical components and bonds that hold it together to make it a strawberry. I just find it interesting that the Betty Crocker cookbook has been making this point of food as chemicals since 1969.


Many people have no understanding of what the word “chemical” means. They have no understanding of chemistry, not even basic, and so their are highly susceptible to the abundant FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) promulgated about “chemicals”. Especially derpy green hippy types who failed science class.


While “food is chemicals” is definitely true, and indeed the a realisation that was part of the impetus for the Soylent project, let us not begin to equate chemicals with food.

Chemicals are like Legos. You can build a car from them, or an apple from them. What we’re building here is a pyramid: the food pyramid. And while we do have guidelines as to what is best/healthy, giving us a bullseye as it were, even when playing with constituent members we can miss the mark (eg Sulfur).

The flipside of this is that we’re not putting in many “unknowns” into our body. And this appears to have a beneficial effect. Through the rigorous control over what is ingested, we can sculpt our nutrition.