It's been about 4 months. Please help!


I have an initial order from 9-20-14, order 33940, that I have yet to receive or hear about, even since I inquired via email on 12-22-14. Can someone please help me? I understand orders have dramatically increased, however, it would be nice to know when I can expect it.


I ordered early August and have yet to receive. I have an email from two days ago saying they finished July, so my guess is you are 4-6 weeks away.


I’m having a similar experience. I was a repeat customer who subscribed in November and I still haven’t received anything or heard anything from Soylent. I’ve also sent them multiple emails following up and haven’t been able to get any response whatsoever for over a month now. Anyway this is extremely frustrating but there’s not much more I can do. I’ll try tagging @Soylent


We are in the process of completing orders that were placed in July with August next on the list. We are working/producing at capacity to ship Soylent ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

@arw242 Your recent subscription shipment is currently en route.


I placed my order in August and I’m getting way too antsy.



I don’t resent the fact. I just want to know when exactly I’m gonna have some soylent.