It's Monday...Time to thank the Soylent team


Thanks guys, don’t give up…


Heh… I think they’re wayyyyy too committed for giving up to even be a remote option at this point. :wink:

But yeah… thanks Soylent team!


Yup, keep it up. :slight_smile:


Yeah keep up the high noticible fullfilment rate seen in the or the information flow how they are doing with orders… :smiley: No I’m just joking who would even dare to look for this. GoGoGo


Thanks for nothing Soylent team!


Giving up now would be like putting a condom on after the baby is born.


Your baby is going to arrive in 1-2 months!
Tick Tock
Your baby is really going to arrive in the next 1-2 months
Tick Tock
Your baby is probably maybe going to show up in the next 1-2 months!
Tick Tock
Go ahead and get pregnant again, the extra mass will totally help push out that first little feller wherever he is

Sorry, that was honestly the first thought that came to my mind and boy did I think it was hilarious for about 15 seconds, I hope you at least get a giggle from it.


I actually did laugh out loud at that. And on a related note, I was 2 weeks late. The night I was scheduled to arrive, my parents were at a party. Imagine the looks they got when they answered the inevitable question of “so when are you due?”


It is quite cozy in there I’m sure- honestly who really would WANT to leave on time haha


Back on topic however- shout out to @JulioMiles for just being pretty damn awesome. Pre gag order your updates were concise and packed full of full and useful information. Postgag, which I don’t blame you for- you are still scrolling around like a mad man nabbing missing orders and tossing out refunds like you’re the worlds best Whack-a-Mole DISCOURSE EDITION player in the world. I like to think that you are doing as much as you can for the customer that your allowed. Keep up the good work- all the flaming in other threads aside- We appreciate you!