It's official, Cacao powder is here :)


Groovy, thanks for the reply! You da bes!


Well, I know what I am ordering when I am finally ready to drink mostly Soylent.


I’m about 3 days into using cacao powder for most of my calories. I had assumed it would be good, but I would stick with plain powder. After 3 days, I’m thinking about switching to 100% cacao. Good work guys!!!


I am not sure that I like Cacao powder. This surprises me, since I’m normally a chocolate junky. I like the MRE version more. I have only been drinking it for a day, though. I will give myself more time to decide.


Other flavors might be more to your liking.


I think you misunderstood me. I really like the cacao flavor! So much so that I switch my subscription to 100% cacao instead of regular powder. :slight_smile:


prob meant to quote person after u


I tasted Cacao 1.9 and agree that the grit is much reduced from 1.8. Kudos for that improvement. Not sure yet what I think of the taste. It has a kind of “burnt chocolate” flavor.


After more experience, I definitely like the Cacao powdered flavor. I have lots of regular bottled Soylent, but I prefer to make the Cacao to drinking the plain.

I have cut down on Soylent in general in favor of playing with my new Zojirishu rice cooker, but I am still regularly making powdered Soylent. I am looking forward to the new flavors to come.


My experience is that the Cacao 1.9 powder tastes dramatically different depending on the length of time since it was prepared. It tastes best after about 1-6 hours (just long enough for the encapsulated oil to dissolve). After about 12 hours, the chocolate flavor fades and the flavor of the original powder starts to take on a stronger presence, giving it an odd taste.