It's official, Cacao powder is here :)


Groovy, thanks for the reply! You da bes!


Well, I know what I am ordering when I am finally ready to drink mostly Soylent.


I’m about 3 days into using cacao powder for most of my calories. I had assumed it would be good, but I would stick with plain powder. After 3 days, I’m thinking about switching to 100% cacao. Good work guys!!!


I am not sure that I like Cacao powder. This surprises me, since I’m normally a chocolate junky. I like the MRE version more. I have only been drinking it for a day, though. I will give myself more time to decide.


Other flavors might be more to your liking.


I think you misunderstood me. I really like the cacao flavor! So much so that I switch my subscription to 100% cacao instead of regular powder. :slight_smile:


prob meant to quote person after u


I tasted Cacao 1.9 and agree that the grit is much reduced from 1.8. Kudos for that improvement. Not sure yet what I think of the taste. It has a kind of “burnt chocolate” flavor.


After more experience, I definitely like the Cacao powdered flavor. I have lots of regular bottled Soylent, but I prefer to make the Cacao to drinking the plain.

I have cut down on Soylent in general in favor of playing with my new Zojirishu rice cooker, but I am still regularly making powdered Soylent. I am looking forward to the new flavors to come.


My experience is that the Cacao 1.9 powder tastes dramatically different depending on the length of time since it was prepared. It tastes best after about 1-6 hours (just long enough for the encapsulated oil to dissolve). After about 12 hours, the chocolate flavor fades and the flavor of the original powder starts to take on a stronger presence, giving it an odd taste.


1.9 cocao is great no grit and no stomach issues. Plain 1.8 I was so gassy and diarrhea and had a gritty texture to it. Hope they make plain flavor in version 1.9 soon.


I just discovered that the Cacao powder is even better when I use my blender to mix it.


Ordered one box of Cacao powder last month subbing on of my boxes of plain.
Freshly mixed, pretty good! Rich and Chocolate malt esque.
Once cold set though, not that this will surprise anyone that’s read other reviews of mine, too damn sweet. Again with the cloying lab sweetness and I become fatigued drinking it, which is saying something for a guy who’s managed to use 7-14 bags/mo happily for 3+ years. Maybe something I’d want in the 1 or 2 bags a month range, the whole box was rough for me.
No notable GI issues, well tolerated as any.
Fascinatingly, the flavour has “buffering” power, in that it resists modification; attempts to dope it with a mixture of spices led to what would usually be quite strong spice character being only weakly detected. I didn’t try anything like peanut butter powder but that may stand up.
Anyhow, not for me. I swapped back to all O.G. for my powder, if I want chocolate I’m way happier hitting a bag of plain with some tablespoons of cocoa powder.


I still add stevia to my chocolate powder and don’t find that too sweet. I now like the powder better than the chocolate 2.0. I find using my blender on the chocolate powder essential to get that great taste.


I got a box of the cacao as an experiment, and it was kind of weird to be mixing a pitcher again. It was the first time in at least a year and a half; it was not long after 1.7 came out that I switched to 2.0 exclusively, I think. I’m glad I did. I’ll probably get one box of it bottled each month to go along with a couple of café bottles (I like being able to get some of my caffeine with “food” attached), but otherwise I’m back to the powder. It’s good, and the effort is so minimal, it’s worth the discount over the bottles.


I only have a few bags of the cacao powder but it seems to me to be more satiating than normal powder or 2.0…?!? This could be entirely in my head but it seems I can go longer (without feeling hungry) after a 600-800 kcal meal of cacao powder than I can on a similar amount of 1.8 or 2.0. Has anyone else experienced this?? I don’t understand how this could be… a smidge more saturated fat? Or, like I said… all in my head.


Just had my first cold glass of Cacao powder and it is awesome. My favorite, of all the products, I think (I still miss the unique nectar flavor). I actually think it is much better than RTD Cacao… Was really good at room temp too.


Okay, Cacao powder might be tooooo good. I find myself craving it, and when I open the fridge for something else or even just walk through the kitchen I’ll stop what I’m doing and take a huge gulp straight out of the pitcher. These are things I’ve never done before, in regards to Soylent (specifically Soylent powder).

It usually takes me at least 3 days to finish a pitcher of Soylent, I’ve just about finished my first Cacao pitcher in a day. Hopefully this will die down once I get used to it and it’s not new and interesting to me anymore.


Yes, that’s the danger with cacao powder; it is so good it might tie into the pattern of addiction that is the ideal of most of the food industry. It hasn’t done that to me, and hopefully it won’t to you.


I’m interested in trying to cocoa version of the powder :slight_smile: I’m 100% on soylent and find myself craving the soylent lol, I hope I don’t go crazy on the cocoa powder XD Will definitely need to stay updated :slight_smile: