It's official. Running out of Soylent SUCKS


This morning I wrote about this on our blog as well but I have a bit of added observation to make here.

All day we’ve had a hard time “getting going”. Just no energy. Afternoon slump hit like a ton of bricks, had to take a nap - which we just awoke from a little while ago. Made us each a protein smoothie with some leftover protein powder I had in the pantry. It was fairly tasty and refreshing, but IT AIN’T SOYLENT!!!

Brain has been mildly foggy all day too. Has not been a good concentration day. All around, this experience sucks. We’re probably 5 days out from having more Soylent and I gotta say, it can’t come fast enough.

The transition from Soylent to no Soylent, is no less sharp and major than the initial transition from no Soylent to Soylent. It does make me wonder if we’ll get to experience all that rush of alertness etc. all over again, once our next order arrives.

Definitely must never allow this to happen again. EVER.


Did you forget to order in time?

But yeah, I haven’t gone longer than two days without it, thankfully. Even that long it’s too long, though


Lol, that blog post was hilarious Vanclute. Have you tried the 1.1 or will this be the first time for you?


I just didn’t really anticipate our consumption rate properly, and the 28-bag subscription isn’t enough for two people using it as 75%-80% of their food. Now I’ve added a second 7-bag subscription on top of our 28-bag, so that should probably end up being just exactly the right amount. I don’t really want to have an ever-growing surplus, so going significantly over our needs would be quite annoying. The next delivery I think should have charged us today, though I got no notification to that effect. I’m hoping the order is actually at our door within 5 days. Even that’s gonna be a really miserable stretch.

This will be the first time we’ve tried 1.1 once it arrives. Should be nice because Shannon has found she needs extra digestive supplements with her Soylent. I haven’t had the need for any, but it will be interesting to see if I also notice any difference with 1.1.

On that note, I don’t understand why they haven’t added the required salt. Saying it’s hard to add without making it salty tasting seems silly… I add a “scant 1/4 tsp” of kosher salt to every batch and it’s perfectly fine, doesn’t taste salty at all and is definitely easy. I hope they do take care of that soon…


I think some people are more sensitive to the salty taste than others. I certainly can’t taste the salt.


It’s so easy to take your salt on the side, and it’s not like it’s an obscure or expensive supplement.

I enjoy just eating a quarter teaspoon of salt!


My only issue with that is that they’ve cut back on the sweetener without fixing salt, so adding it on the side will have a more dramatic effect on the flavor. I haven’t tried 1.1 yet so my fears may be unfounded but I notice a distinct reduction in sweetness in 1.0 when I add 1/2tsp of salt


Yes 1/2tsp of salt is WAY too much. I made that mistake my first time as well. 1/4tsp is the absolute max to add to a full bag/pitcher of Soylent, and really it should be ever so slightly less than 1/4 tsp (about 1/5 I believe).

I’m interested to see how 1.1 differs… in the meantime, did I mention how much it sucks not having Soylent?


Doesn’t 1/4 (or 1/5) bring it right up to 1500mg sodium? I know that’s the RDA but I feel like I keep seeing things lately suggesting that something like 2000mg is closer to ideal.

Note, this is based on normal table salt and not kosher salt, since kosher salt doesn’t measure or dissolve as well.


From what I understand it’s very important not to use table salt because of the added Potassium (I believe it’s potassium?) it already contains. This is why Kosher salt is recommended, and I find it to measure and dissolve perfectly fine, personally.

I just know that anything more than that and Soylent starts to taste fairly nasty. I made a batch pretty much undrinkable the first time I added salt by thinking it was 3/4 tsp.


I think you mean iodine?

And yeah I’ve been using between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp and it pretty much nullifies the sweetness but doesn’t quite reach ‘salty’ territory for me. In one thread I had a momentary lapse and recommended 1-2 teaspoons to someone, I feel really terrible about that haha

EDIT: Looks like salt typically has about 1mg of potassium per tbsp, so definitely not that. Whereas iodised salt has something like 45% RDA per 1/4 teaspoon
EDIT EDIT: The RDA of iodine for an adult is about 150 mcg (micrograms) and the upper limit is about 1100; 45% RDA per 1/4 teaspoon works out to 67.5mcg per 1/4 teaspoon or 270 per teaspoon.

You’d have to eat four teaspoons of iodised salt to hit that upper limit, so even if you’re doubling the RDA you’re probably fine. Not that I know how much is in Soylent (or anything else I eat).


Ahhhh yes yes Iodine, you’re absolutely correct. See what a lack of Soylent is doing to my memory???



I’m down to three packets of 1.0 and probably a week or two out from 1.1, should I start my own thread next week or just necro this one? :slight_smile:


Ideally, you’ll use a microgram scale and do it by weight - the weight/volume of salt varies fairly dramatically between table salt an different brands of kosher salt, various sea salts, etc.

Here’s a good read, that also has a list of volume/weight measures:


LOL maybe if a zillion “I just ran out of Soylent” threads start popping up, Rosa will expend some resources on better subscription management? :smiley:


That’s a good point; I was just going off of volume of a typical iodised table salt (Morton’s) since kosher salt isn’t iodised. Concerning sodium though, I’d wager that 1/4 teaspoon of koshering salt or most sea salts could actually fall short of the sodium content you’d need.

As I was writing out the RDA of iodine I was thinking “Maybe I should tag @MentalNomad?”

If the subscription management ends up half as functional as this forum I’ll be pretty thrilled.


Might not be a bad idea to keep a few bags of DIY soylent or its ingredients around for emergencies like this. You could vacuums seal ( is that the right spelling?) them to extend their freshness.


Soylent is already providing enough iodine, so you don’t have to use iodized salt when adding sodium… on the other hand, iodine is very well-tolerated, so there’s no harm in using iodized salt, either.

So you can pretty much use whatever salt you want, but you need roughly double as much kosher salt as table salt to get the same amount of salt, by weight, because of the shape of the grains.


Yeah we’re not willing to do DIY. From everything I’ve read about DIY, official Soylent is in a class by itself. I actually have a single serving of 100% Food and haven’t been able to bring myself to even try it. It’s so coarse… just the thought grosses me out.

The real answer here is, don’t run out of Soylent. I should have added that second subscription months ago but just let it slip my mind. Never again. This is absolutely miserable. We feel like crap, moods are in the toilet, no energy… not a pleasant state to say the least.


For salt amounts - from what I’ve read, most people can tolerate a pretty wide range of salt and be healthy. Whether you add ¼ tsp or ½ tsp, it won’t affect your health much. I just toss some kosher salt in my hand, if it looks right I then toss it into my pitcher. I can never really notice any flavor difference whether it is there or not.

Obviously if you have high blood pressure problems and/or know you are affected by excessive salt, then be more careful. I’m OK with Soylent having low sodium because it’s a lot easier for most of us to add extra salt than it is for the sodium sensitive people to take it out!