It's Thanksgiving time!


10 Days to Turkey Day
Use this thread to post your T-Day thanks for Soylent (or anything else :smiley: )

I’m thankful to Rob for taking it upon himself to create this wonderful food, All the Alpha and Beta tests on himself that led to Soylent being a reality.
I’m thankful to this community for all the great ideas and work on DIY. I tried 1 prior to receiving my 1st 1.0 shipment, Was not 1/2 bad, but Soylent is AWESOME.
And I’m thankful to my work for allowing me to have a minifridge so I can keep my Soylent cold!


I’m thankful I will be eating Soylent this Thanksgiving and nothing else!


Hear, hear!

I’m also most grateful for @Rob and these fine fellows getting me started on this road to vigorous health.

Of course this Thanksgiving I’d be negligent not to be grateful for the gifts of God, my awesome family, and wonderful friends.

Oh… and the rest of you folks here as well. Thanks for helpin’ to inspire and educate. :wink:


What? You’re like 35 days late. Get with the program!


Oh Canada! Happy belated thanksgiving day.


I’m thankful for many things, like friends and loved ones, a place to live, good food to eat (in whatever form it takes), video games, beer, good whisky, ebooks, Netflix, music, and my generous severance package.

I should probably come up with a short list for when I meet my lady’s family.


Let me thank all Soylent team for a new category of Powdered Foods.

And all the best we can do for our close people (beyond the words) is to introduce them to the powdered food world.