I've been on a 2/3 Soylent diet since the crowdfund beta -- ask me anything

When I heard about the Soylent kickstarter back in 2012, it was because I’d been searching for a way to get nutrition that didn’t involve all the labor of preparing food or the expense of eating out.

When I saw the Futurama episode that first featured Bachelor Chow, I thought “I know that’s supposed to be funny, but I would totally buy that.”

The first beta product I received ended up being about as laborious to prepare as an actual meal. It required several minutes of shaking in an airtight pitcher, and even after that it was still lumpy and had a disgusting vomit-like consistency.

When the first version came out that had oil bottles, I started to experience gastrointestinal distress because of the reaction of the carbs and the animal-derived oil. But I pressed on, because even with the burps and farts, it was a better and cheaper solution than multiple trips to the grocery store per month.

Groceries in the bay area are insane expensive, just like everything else.

When the version came out that had algae-based oil I thought my gut troubles would be over, but on the contrary they got worse. I was burping and farting even more, and every morning when I woke up, HUGE FART.

Still I continued buying and consuming Soylent, and the troubles were still worth the convenience and reduced expense.

When Soylent in bottles finally came out, I was ecstatic. No more mixing, no more blender noise and no more scraping sludge out of the dishes I’d used.

The consistency was no longer vomit, it was smooth like soy milk.

The taste was… well, cardboard. Which is a huge improvement, and means I don’t need to add volume and expense to the product by adding fruit or other add-ins just to get a palatable flavor.

Since I started buying the bottles I keep an open case in the fridge and I have 1 bottle for breakfast and 1 for lunch, then I have regular food for dinner.

I still have regular food for dinner because I crave solid food intensely after 2 meals of Soylent even after several years of Soylent use, and because I want to keep my digestive system in shape in case I ever have to go back to straight solid food.

Soylent has helped me to maintain a healthy weight through depression, anxiety and lack of motivation related thereto.

Because I can just crack open a bottle and chug a meal, I’m healthier, I’m more productive and my life is better.

Got any questions for me?

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We all miss those days. :disappointed:


I’ve been consuming Soylent largely as my source of nutrition since the Kickstarter also. I remember having to force myself to drink the powder, but now I love the drink. I actually had to go without my dear Soylent for the past ten days and I was actually getting pretty pissed because I actually had to go out and buy fast food or buy unprepared food then come home, make it and do the dishes hahaha

Luckily my shipment of 24 bottles of Soylent, 24 bottles of Coffiest and 12 Food Bars came today, now to get my body used to it once again.

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Yes not having Soylent for a while requires getting re-acclimated.

I order 3 boxes at a time and when I get into the last box I order the next 3.

Thankfully 1.6 has a much nicer vomit-like consistency.


How’s the gas with 2.0?

Have you ever wondered if there’s an alternate universe where time is moist and cucumbers eat math?


I haven’t tried the powder but with the bottles it’s normal or non-existent.


I can’t say for sure but Bank of America believes that there’s a 50% chance that we live in a simulation.

Aren’t you glad they’re spending their time pondering that rather than figuring out how to make money honestly?


Like this (NSFL)

… not really, but I’m twelve forever I can’t skip a fart discussion.

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Wasn’t a fart. And wasn’t long at all. I’ve taken poops 20x longer.


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Spatially or temporally?