I've created this recipe for weight training, please review it



(Add the amount of brain booster products if you want)


Looks pretty good! Things to look at:

  • Besides the micronutrient shortages you noted, also note vitamin A.
  • That amount of oats might give you flatulence. Possible remedies (besides reducing the oats) are to cook the oats, include a digestive enzyme supplement containing large amounts of amylase, or just ride it out and wait for your digestive system to hopefully adapt.
  • The oats contain a bunch of micronutrients that you don’t have entered in; see here.
  • Your omega-3/omega-6 amounts for olive oil don’t look correct to me; I believe olive oil has much more omega-6 than omega-3.

Finally, my knowledge of weight training is limited, but based on what I’ve heard it’s useful to time the intake of certain nutrients relative to your workout. For example it might make sense to take some of the protein and maltodextrin out of your mix and put it into a special mix which you drink right after working out, because it might be the case that at that time you want an especially large dose of those nutrients. Forgive me if you’ve already taken this sort of thing into consideration.


Thank you very much. I had typed in the wrong amount of UI of Vitamin A. The values for Vitamin K and Niacin and Copper are now well with the recommend values of my country, it helped when I added the micronutrients for the oat flour. Of course I’ll have to watch out for any deficiencies. I have decreased the amount of Oat and increased my Maltodextrin intake. The only real problem I have right now is biotin. I must look around for a supplement of biotin. My plan was to add 60% of the whein protein to my evening meal, right after weight training or cardio training.

Oh yeah, I have to adjust the Olive Oil numbers as well

Thanks again


Sounds great! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Why that outrageous amount of choline?


Because, the place I ordered my Choline states “For improving cognitive function take 1g–1.5g (1000mg – 1500mg) three times daily.”


But I too was wondering. However according to Robs recommendation, it’s not above the max.


Choline is a recommended supplement in conjunction with other nootropics because the choline content modulates the effectiveness of many other neural metabolic pathways. Choline supply is the bottleneck, so to speak - you could consider it an essential fuel of neural activity. An abundant supply enables more efficient neural activity, although there is a subsequent risk of crashes if other things get depleted. Choline by itself would augment your neural efficiency, but would result in excess choline in the blood, which would be stored in the brain and/or excreted and metabolized into cellular structures in other parts of the body.


@jrowe47 So what you’re saying is that my Choline dosage is OK, right?


Yeah. The choline is going to be used, one way or the other, by the body. For certain individuals, though, it can make you stink.


Thanks :slight_smile: If I begin to stink I’ll lower the amount. I think I’m done now. The price per day is £3.03 (which is $4.70) which I think is very reasonable. It amounts to $141 a month and Rob’s price is $270 for Europe and $230 for USA. In fact, it is so cheap I think i’ll make a new recipe where I added some nootropic ingredients :slight_smile:

I’m pretty proud of the recipe if I may say so myself… And I’m sure it would be even cheaper in USA



I have set up my own formula for weight gaining and the first thing that I wonder is; Your protein intake seems rather low, although it’s probably fine if you just started. (I don’t know anything about your size/weight/metabolism, so…)
Aaaand secondly, your total calorie intake.
Personally, I’m a pretty hard gainer and I have to do quite some bulking to gain weight, which is why I’m at 3000 kcals a day, but 2000 seems a little bit low, don’t you think?
But then again, perhaps you’re pretty small right now and you’ll build that up in the future.

If you could leave some more details, it’d be easier to evaluate your recipe, since there’s no “golden formula” that works for everyone.


Here’s the case: I’m 44 and I just started weight training 1½ year ago and I have some fat I want to shred. So the problem is three fold. I don’t want to bulk up, you know bodybuilder wise, but I want nice marked muscles, therefore I set the protein to that amount. Of course I will be experimenting with the dosage in the future all depending on what my body tells me.

As stated before, I am 44, I weigh 84 kg and my height is 186 cm. My measured body fat is 14.5% (using the Jackson & Pollock method).

But you’re definetly right, when I have reached my target body fat percent (using my eyes, if you know what I mean), I will have to up both my protein amount and my calorie amount. I am not too fond of too many carbs though, so it’ll probably be the olive oil I’d increase the most when the time comes


That would clarify a whole lot, indeed.
Honestly, 14.5% isn’t really high, but I guess a bit lower won’t hurt.
12%-ish is pretty nice, tons of people want to get lower for “six pack abs”, even if it looks terrible.
It’s actually unhealthy to bring your bodyfat down that low…
Anyway, I’m going off-topic again… – Let me know how your formula works out of you. And in case you’re interested, here’s my own!
(Credits to CuriousBen for the layout)


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve just found out that in Choline Bitartrate the amount of Choline is approx 41% so I have adjusted that number.