I've got some questions before I order


Hi All,

I’ve got some questions before I make my first order. I’m a cube worker and family guy with the usual trials and tribulations that go with that lifestyle. One odd thing about my current job is that I’m in “hotelling” cubes. That means I have no perm spot and must move all my stuff around every day. So, that just sets the tone for me and what I need to do.

I read somewhere that Soylent tastes better if I make it the night before and put it in the fridge. Is that true? If that is true, how many containers would I need? I don’t really want to buy a bunch before I know if I will like it. When should I make mine? Make 3 for the next day and put them in the fridge at night?

Do the packets come in meal sizes? Will I use them up around meal times? Do most people just drink it throughout the day? Or have it around a meal time? Will 3 a day be too much or too little?

How hard is it to mix up? Is it messy? How hard to clean up a container of it?

Anything else that I need to think about or expect before I pull the trigger? I’m mostly doing it as I don’t really eat the best right now and am a bit overweight. I’m indifferent to food most of the time and this sounds perfect. I don’t have to think about what to make. It isn’t bad for me and is even better than what I am eating now. It might help me lose weight.


1 container is fine, though people have said that having 2 is more convenient. 1 pitcher will come with your first order. Making a batch for the day and putting it in the fridge the night before is the recommended way to do it. The packets have 1 day of soylent. People seem to like either drinking it slowly over the timespan of a normal meal, or having a small breakfast of it then sipping it throughout the day. As for how much you actually consume per day, just listen to your body. if you want more have more, if you are satiated don’t force more down. A single packet per day is probably a good estimate to start with. Its not hard to mix up, just dumping stuff into the pitcher and shaking. Its not messy if you handle it properly. Cleaning the container is easy, if you do it right away.

disclaimer: I don’t have soylent, this is just what I have gleaned by reading these forums


Thanks! That helps a lot.

So, I hear a bit about people losing energy. I’m thinking coffee will help? I don’t want to give up on my java.


Here’s a video of my nightly routine, cleaning a pitcher and making a day’s batch. Not very messy at all.

For work, I just poor two 20oz thermos bottles full in the morning to take. One is for lunch, and one is in case I have to work late, if not I just drink it for dinner on the way home.


I don’t really have a workable lunch room at work either. What I’m planning to do is shop for a sports beverage container that is larger than a meal and carry that to work in the morning. I’ll probably have a couple of days worth in the fridge (today’s and tomorrow’s) mixing it every night.

That means I should start shopping for the portable containers and a big blender (not necessarily expensive because I’m not chopping onions in it).

Whether I fill my container each morning or buy half a dozen and keep them in the fridge and the dishwasher (empty ones of course) will be something I find out when I’m actually doing it.


Edited to add: I don’t plan on giving up the Java either.


Thanks! I can’t look while at work, but I had forgotten to check videos on YouTube. You made it a lot easier. I appreciate it.


Thanks. It seems like I should be good. I’ve read a few more posts and/or articles and think I got it figured out… Now…I just have to wait how long!!! Ooopph…

Oh, and then have time to figure out some sort of flavor supplement.