Jake - an independent review

I ordered two weeks worth of Jake Light and the following is my review:

  1. They have a good web site, plenty of information and easy to order, good email communication as well. They are based in Amsterdam and the product seems to ship from Rotterdam.

  2. Delivery was very quick, three days to the UK and they offer free shipping by DHL. They email a tracking number. Packaging was good, sturdy cardboard boxes with the contents safely inside. They include a shaker bottle which, again, is sturdy and fit for purpose. The cost was 118 euros which converted to 88 pounds sterling or 44 sterling for a week which makes it quite affordable.

  3. I use a Nutribullet for mixing the package. Each meal is individually packaged which makes for easy mixing. It mixes well and quite easily too. I have to say, although it is vanilla flavour, there is not much of a taste to detect at all. The main ingredient is pea protein isolate and maltodextrin and the vanilla seems to be enough to mask the taste of the ingredients. There’s not much of a dominant flavour at all. It’s not unpleasant, the texture is smooth without being creamy and there is a slight gritiness with some of the ingredients, particularly the flaxseed but it all goes down well. You are left with a small residue of solids at the bottom of the glass but it’s easy to add a little more water to rinse the remainder. All in all, quite a pleasant experience.

  4. I’m diabetic and was curious to see the effect on blood sugar with the maltodextrin and Dextrose but was very pleased to see no appreciable increase in blood sugar. I had no problem with gas, pooping or cravings for something else. In fact I was pleasantly surprised at how satiated I was after consuming. I had been mixing my own recipe but couldn’t manage to get it right so there wasn’t cravings so I’m pleased Jake is compiled better than I could manage.

  5. I’ve managed to lose three pounds in a few days which I’m pleased with. Cutting down to 1,500 good quality calories has been easy and no side effects at all. The package has 33% of all the required nutrition although it is higher in protein. The fats, which includes coconut oil, are all included in the powder so no oil bottle to worry about. Easy to clean up afterwards too.

To sum up, I was very pleased with my purchase, it’s a good product, ships quickly and I’ll definately order again.


Hi David, what a suspiciously positive review you wrote there! Just kidding :] it is nicely written and clear. However, it leaves me with a pretty significant question - what is Jake? I’ve been lurking around the community for quite a bit and I am from amsterdam myself (!), but I haven’t heard of Jake.

Also, with regard to diabetes, I am interested to know how you measured your blood sugar? I’m not diabetic, but I am interested to keep it steady just to have a constant flow of energy. One would expect maltodextrin en dextrose to give quite a spike…

This is my first activity on discourse.soylent so if I’m not following the community standards - I will get used to them in the course of time. Anyways, hi everyone!

Find more at: http://jakeshake.eu/

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Hi Sipa, I only stumbled on Jake by chance when I was doing a search using soylent and their web page came up. I think they must be a new company as they haven’t come up in previous searches. Basically, they sell their brand of soylent. Their web page is www.jakeshake.eu

I had previously bought soylent through Amazon from actibest but their product had too much sugar in it and my blood was going off the scale. Using google translator it appears Actibest use maltodextrin and glucose so a high reading was not surprising. I still have half a box of the stuff lying unused.

I use a blood glucose monitor to check my blood and I ran several readings over a three hour period after first consuming Jake and all the readings were normal which surprised me. I was expecting high readings due to the high GI of maltodextrin but I didn’t get them which obviously was good news. I can only imagine that in combination with the other ingredients making up the fats and protein the GI is lower. I did notice that there is quite high protein, same as carbohydrate in fact. If I had encountered a high sugar spike I would have had to abandon using Jake.

Interestingly, just this morning my sugar was quite low, 3.8 mmol and it was getting near lunchtime and that was low enough to cause some physical effects and I would normally take some sugar to bring it up. Instead I had my lunchtime Jake and within 20 minutes or so everything was back to normal. I’m finding a steady energy level on Jake although it’s just been a few days and I haven’t been particularly active.

I’ve seen a few of the recipes on diy soylent and some of them look like they would cause a few sugar problems for diabetics. I’m curious as to why the maltodextrin, which has a high GI is not giving me problems. Perhaps the more experienced members could advise.

By the way, I’m not in any way affiliated with Jake, I’m in the UK (Scotland) but I like the product and thought it reasonable to make a review.


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Thanks for the detailed answer. Sounds good! I’m really curious to try it out. Peace

Joylent has been shipping in the EU for a lot longer, but I might give Jake a try just to see how it compares.

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Jake from State Farm?


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I’m curious as to why the maltodextrin, which has a high GI is not
giving me problems. Perhaps the more experienced members could advise.

Jake claims (in a mail conversation we had) that by using inulin, a storage carbohydrate, the absorption of sugars into the blood is more balanced. In this way the spikes are capped.

Many thanks for the comment, I didn’t know they added inulin. Anything to minimise diabetic problems is welcome.

Here’s a link to an article on inulin and diabetes


also http://fca.com/inulin-super-nutrient-against-diabetes/

I didn’t get a high glucose reading from taking Jake and perhaps the inulin helped. Even though Jake contains maltodextrin and dextrose, although in what quantity I don’t know, the overall product appears to have a low GI, or at least insofar as taking blood glucose readings seems to imply.

I have been using both Jake and Mana and they are both good in different ways, I prefer Mana for taste and texture I think but Jake is more practical, no oil bottles and one meal individual packets. They are both quite filling and had no unexpected side effects.