Jal Gua: Hints of Soylent

I didn’t want to categorize this under media since this article isn’t about Soylent, but rather another healthy liquid supplement. It isn’t complete, like Soylent & DIYs are attempting to be, so maybe not much different than other nutritious liquid supplement options already available out there, but it’s an incredible origin story:

Jal Gua

Interesting story. Here’s the Kickstarter for it.

Edit: It’s not quite clear how much stuff is included, but from what I can tell it is crazy expensive!

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I wonder now about moringa & sorghum as potential ingredients in my DIY…

Where did you find the price for it? Since it’s organic and uses some more expensive ingredients I’d expect it to cost a lot anyway.

I don’t get what this guy is trying to “revolutionize” with this supplement, though? I imagine it would be hard to make it cheap enough for the target demographics, unless they drastically changed the formula.

Looks like the best value is the $100 pledge for 6 packages. The package size isn’t clear, but it looks like 250g. Serving size is 40g for 130 calories. One bag costs $16.67 and gives 812.5 calories. So roughly 4x more expensive than Soylent, yet not even close to complete nutrition.

Two ingredients:

Sorghum flour: $3.77 for 454g
Moringa flour: $16.99 for 454g

The final powder looks brown, like sorghum, unlike moringa, so it appears to be mostly sorghum, which is quite cheap. That’s nearly a 10x markup in price over ingredient cost.

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I wouldn’t assume the kickstarter packages are representing the final price of the product. Kickstarters are fundraisers, after all. Your pledge is a donation, and the stuff you get in return is a reward for that. It’s not a direct purchase of product.


I agree with @Prairiepanda. I backed the product for a signed sample (& tote bag) but I didn’t assume it represents the actual price of the final product.