JALAPENO Side Effect?


Ok, I been on 1.4 for 5 days now exclusively. Me and the wife decided to take the kids to BWW for a birthday and I ordered Ultimate Nachos which come with fresh Jalapenos. As usual I ordred additional Jalapenos because who doesnt want a pepper per nacho right? Well, more than half way in and two peppers (not slices) down, my mouth wasnt burning and I could only taste the crispness/freshness of the peppers. No Spice…so what did I do? Order More of course…I couldnt feel the burn, so my wife tried and she felt the burn.

Can someone please go eat a fresh Jalapeno and tell me if you can feel the burn? PLEAAAASE

Also - What goes in must come out and I will report back if and when I am crying on the porcelin throne.


I’m not entirely sure if this is a joke or not, and I haven’t eaten any fresh jalapeños recently, but I can assure you that Soylent is not magical and capsaicin will still burn. I don’t have any fresh jalapeños but I did have some sriracha hot sauce the other day and it definitely still burns (I’m usually on 50% Soylent).

It’s possible you are less sensitive than your wife (jalapeños aren’t particularly hot) or maybe the pepper she tried was hotter (it varies). There are a lot of explanations but I doubt Soylent was a factor. If anything I’d think you would be likely to become more sensitive to capsaicin if consuming only Soylent. You can build up a tolerance for the heat by consuming hot peppers and hot sauces. Genetics could play a factor, too.


I happened to be home reading your reply so I decided to try Sricha… NO FRIGGING BURN. It taste salty like plain hotsauce. This has got to be the weirdest thing ever! I am a spicy food eater so I’m not a novice and because I keep a very good log of every thing I consume this one is easy for me since I’m 100% soylent right now.

Disclaimer: I just dropped the Browns off at the Superbowl so I will assume it was last nights meal…no burn. I will post back when I cycle off it next week


If you’re a masochist you could get a Carolina Reaper and put your theory to the ultimate test. I would suggest pure capsaicin crystals but I don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Note: I am joking! Consume at your own risk!


I have some CR seads that I’ll be planting soon. WIth luck, I’ll be able to harvest some peppers in a few months. I didn’t have any luck last year. The plants are really tough to grow from seed.


Is it possible you’ve also changed your toothpaste, or dental hygiene routine, recently. I’ve found certain toothpastes can reduce my sensitivity to such things.


No changes in routine here, I’m a process nut so I like things consistent so I can maximize my time doing things like living Hense me eliminating food lol. I’ll figure this thing out soon. But in the mean time if someone is 100% just try to see if the same happens, cuz right now I’m getting a bunch of theories from u guys :0 (


I can’t imagine what’s causing that. I’m not a hot-foods enthusiast, and only eat mildly hot sauces; eating up to 95% Soylent hasn’t made hot sauces taste any less hot to me.


My advice is go see a doctor. Sudden changes in any sense is not a good sign.


I add crushed habanero pepper juice to my soylent on occasion and I don’t feel any burn then, just the added flavor and pick me up.

When I put chopped habanero on pizza or anything else, I def feel the burn and like it to a point.

It’s also something that I can build up a tolerance to…The longer I go without eating hot spicy things the hotter they seem to me…