James Holt Soylent experience


I have been on official Soylent for the last four days and the most noticeable thing besides the farts has been how vivid my dreams have been. Lucid dreams every night, lots of flying and meeting interesting people. Even before I lay down to bed my imagination is on fire. I see images behind my closed eyes like I used to when I was a kid.
My energy has been through the roof and pretty steady. My mind feels as sharp as ever. Life on Soylent is pretty good. And those farts aren’t nearly as bad as I was expecting, but I’m still glad I live alone. Before Soylent I increased my fiber intake with lots of beans.
I’m amazed is this how fully fed humans are supposed to feel?!


It’s good to hear positive reports like this, lucid dreams are awesome. I’m curious, what was your diet like before Soylent?


My usual food has been pretty regular for a few years. Either oatmeal with berries or other fruit with local honey or eggs, bacon and cheese with toast for breakfast. For lunch I would usually have a sardine sandwich with corn chips. For dinner homemade chicken soup was my mainstay. Which I would sometimes have a bowl of leftovers with lunch. I would alternate the chicken soup with a vegetable soup consisting of rice, beans, lentils, carrots, onions, mushrooms and many spices. Garlic of course, tons of garlic. Oh yes and sauerkraut first thing in the morning.
I have had more than my fair share of MREs in the Army and followed the Pirate diet for a while too:

4 pounds of salt beef
2 pounds of salt pork
2 pints of peas
3 pints of oatmeal
6 ounces of butter
12 ounces of cheese
This is per week

There was also a daily allotment of a pound of bread and a gallon of beer (or some other type of alcohol depending on the availability). Rum was also a very popular drink item for sea goers.

I haven’t had much desire to drink lately though.


Interesting. It sounds like you had a reasonably healthy diet before Soylent. I wonder which part of Soylent is causing the vivid dreams. I know Vanclute’s dream life has really been affected too. Since Soylent only has about 100% of the daily vitamins, maybe it’s the potassium? Or maybe it’s some kind of synergistic effect. I used to spend a lot of time on lucid dreaming forums. Once I get my Soylent I’ll see if I have the same experience.


It’s quite possible. I think it could either be the b vitamins or the potassium. I know I was lacking in both. A few weeks before Soylent I started supplementing iodine also and dreams got a little better but nothing like they are now.


My biggest problem now is that I want to sleep more for those awesome dreams but I have so much energy I’m sleeping less. Even in the morning when I wake I can’t fall back asleep like I used to.


When are you expecting your order?


I ordered one week back in November.

I know B6 can trigger vivid dreams, maybe you were deficient there before.


When I started my DIY 6 months ago, I went through the same extra energy and not needing as much sleep as you talk about. No change in “vivid” dreams to speak of though. The bad thing is that your body starts thinking this new state is the “baseline”. OK, that’s not really bad, its just feeling great become feeling normal. I’m hoping the official Soylent will give me another boost like this. :smile: