Jaw wired - thank you!


My husband ordered a weeks supply of Soylent from the kickstarter and, honestly, I’d forgotten all about it until it showed up on our doorstep. Two days before I had major jaw surgery scheduled… talk about good timing!

The surgery was on Monday and I was released home yesterday. All I have to say is: sweet relief. Oh my word. So far Soylent is proving to be the one liquid food which doesn’t make me want to hurl with the taste or texture, nor does it clog the wiring or leave me feeling congested after eating like the Ensure shakes have been. It’s also a boost of confidence knowing that one syringe of Soylent is far better for me nutritionally than one of some watered down soup. I’ve got three or four more weeks left wired shut so our supply will have disappeared before then, but it really is making the first week or two so much better. (I say ‘our’ supply…my husband is so happy to see me not dreading meal time that he’s given me his stash.)

Great job, guys! We’ll be ordering more I’m sure.


I had Soylent on hand when I had all four wisdom teeth pulled. Not as major as what you just had, but also really, really fortunate timing.

Heal fast!


This stuff would have been amazing for after I broke my jaw and was wired shut. Sadly, it was the 90’s and I “drank” soups, mashed potatoes, jello, apple sauce and liquids for 6 weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck with the the recovery and take it easy when you get the wires off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like time for a DIY version, either you diy or buy someone elses readymade diy version like People Chow or Schmoylent or 100%Food. Several people sell them.


You could place a subscription and receive in 1-2 weeks be sure to use your original email