Jess on Soylent


Day 3 Soylent

Hurray! Soylent arrived at last. Ironically, I was out of town when my roommate snapped pictures of the many soylent boxes that came in like Christmas. I ordered in a peculiarly foolish way and ended up with 3 big green pitchers. It ended up working out for the best because I’ve been able to mix far in advance and it seems to decrease the chalky consistency. Despite leaving a pitcher out for 24hr+ at RT and then leaving it in the refrigerator overnight, soylent is still mildly grainy so I plan on procuring a Nutribullet from my house-house this weekend.

Overall, the taste is quite good. It does taste like cake batter. I’m excited to try some of the suggested flavorings (peanut butter powder, bananas, nutella, etc.)

I’ve been on 90% soylent the last three days and feel fine. My energy is good. I just sip some of this throughout the day as I get hungry and do not experience food comas. I do not typically consume the entire 2Liter daily allotment. For background I am 5’3”, 120lb and was not prone to self-indulgent tendencies to begin with, though I jest to the contrary—everyone can relate to that biologically programmed love of sugars, fats, and underlying wish to be lazy.

Poop wise, there is less with less frequency. Sleepwise, I might be sleeping 30min-1 hr less. Normally I sleep 7.5hrs dependably—as in, if I don’t get it, I’ll find myself napping with pretty precise duration so as to compensate. I’ll report back regarding keratosis pilaris, and any other long-term notables.


I can recommend cocoa powder, like what you would use to make chocolate millk :slight_smile:

I found that if I just put a bag in with water and mix it decently… Then let it sit for a few hours, about 20-35% will seperate as water on top (without adding the oil) then mixing it a little again, much less will seperate over the next few hours :slight_smile: and it will have a nice smooth texture

If you have a blender you can then blend that mixture and it will get a creamy foamy consitency (because of air bubbles in the mix)

Also (if you want to mess with your room mate, you can drink as much Soylent in a short period as you can… And you will fart constantly for hours en mass)


To clarify:
Don’t add the oil when mixing the Soylent with water. Add it the next day/close to before you drink it. Letting it sit overnight without the oil really improves the texture.


Ah. I see. That ‘add oil last’ tip is helpful.