Jimmy Joy Canadian shipping just went up, a lot

Warning for anyone in Canada that switched to Plenny Shake when Soylent went off the market there.

Shipping has just gone up from €30 ($45 CAD) to €120 ($182 CAD) for orders over €50 and a whopping €150 ($227 CAD) for smaller orders!


No-one seems to know why yet.

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This may explain, unless is just an error… hopefully. From the article you linked:

looking at the Jimmy Joy shipping costs it seems that the reason is Canada being demoted to ‘World 5’.

I’ve a history with eCommerce and looking at the other World 5 countries I know that they’re difficult to ship to for one reason or another. Usually due to distance, limited shipping options, problematic customs setups or a combination thereof.[/quote]

Because Soylent isn’t there, now they can. :wink:

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They responded on Reddit:


Hi Everyone!

We recently changed shipping couriers and now pay the import fees for the customer up front, we ship duty taxes paid to CAN. This is especially beneficial for larger orders, as custom fees and brokerage fees to Canada could really get out of hand at times and give unpleasant surprises after receiving your order. This way you know where you stand and what to expect when ordering, plus: it’s usually cheaper as well. We are working on making the rate based on the size of the order in the near future, and I’m personally looking into shipping options to CAN from our LA warehouse which will be live very very soon](https://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/comments/7q1s16/so_so_disappointed_cant_afford_jimmyjoy_with_new/dspgw2i)

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