Join me as I build out HAPPY CHOW!


Okay so I’m taking the plunge and making my own recipe, HAPPY CHOW!. I’m probably going to eat 1 healthy balanced muggle meal a day, and only eat 2/3 of the HAPPY CHOW! daily amount. I am starting by forking People Chow.


  • target IOM/Rob’s Latest nutrition profile (which incidentally exactly matches recommended calories for me from the calculator)
  • remove gnc mega men sport (i’d rather not have its fake flavors/sweeteners)
  • decrease carbs, increase fat
  • enormously increase protein
  • probably tweak the recipe to not taste like corn

###changes I’ve made:

  • removed the GNC powder
  • added One-A-Day Men’s multivitamin.
  • added Nature Made Super B Complex.
  • bumped up protein
  • bumped up oil
  • bumped up salt


  • I added the B Complex because my vague mostly uninformed mental model is that “more active” people need more of the water soluble nutrients used in metabolism-- is this correct?
  • I’m way over on Niacin – problem?
  • I’m missing Molybdenum completely – anyone have one to recommend?
  • Slightly low on Selenium and Phosphorous – any recommended product here?
  • Any way to get the sodium/chloride ratio to be correct?

I’m going to ignore the Omega-3 issue for now, as the topic is so complicated/uncertain. No Omega-3 discussion allowed in this thread! :smile:

Thanks for any tips and feedback!


But… Omega 3… JK!

Do you have a link handy to your recipe on ?
This will make it much easier to help with your ingredients and their composition.


Welcome to DIY Soylent! :smiley:

  • I’ve not heard anything about differing needs for B vitamins dependent on activity. If you find anything supporting this, please share it with the class! :smile:
  • Niacin shouldn’t be much of a problem. As you noted, water soluble nutrients your body does a good job getting rid of. If you’re getting an overage with Niacin, you’ll know immediately - hotflashes are NOT fun and impossible to ignore.
  • Many multivitamins include Molybdenum (fun word!) - I’m using Centrum. Oat flour also has copious amounts, so if you add oats instead of pure masa you’ll be fine.
  • Same with Selenium and Phosphorus - grains tend to have lots of both, so a good multi and adding oat and/or flax will take care of that for you.
  • Not sure it’s really necessary to worry too much about sodium levels unless you’re either hyper- or hypo- tensive. I’f you’re eating muggle food, most of it is salted enough that you’ll not have to worry about making it up in your soylent, and I’m still unsure about chloride intake in terms of how the body eliminates it. Sodium the body can hold on to, as it’s integral to some vary basic cellular osmotic processes. I’ve cut salt out entirely from my [baked soylent][1] (though I’ll get some sodium through the baking powder), and I’ve had absolutely no ill effects - it’s actually helped keep my blood pressure consistent.

Welcome @jjb, And keep us updated on what you find out!


Ditto to @vwbugg. I’d love to see your recipe on DIY.

Good luck!


I keep forgetting to post my recipe. I have submitted a feature request for either signatures or a place for a link in our profile.

Here is my main public recipe. A variation of PeopleChow called “Minimal Tortilla”. I dont much care for masa, but also prefer the feeling of fullness and mental energy i get from masa. I have made this recipe to minimize masa taste and texture and maximize benefit from the masa. This recipe is based on a Male 2000 calorie diet.

I might update this recipe soon which will include a slight name change and might break the link. Here is the link to my profile, if i should forget to edit the above link.

Here is a link to a high protein recipe with a carb/protein/fat ration of 40/30/30 that i am experimenting with. It is based on a modified 2600 calorie diet in which i have changes the carb fat and protein ratios as well as the ratio for omega 3 and 6. It is marked private so you can only access it with this link, which might break should i change its name and forget to edit this link.

This high protein one upsets my tummy a little bit right now. Not sure if it is the high protein, the high tapioca, or just drinking it too fast. It also does not have masa because i was trying to make a very smooth drink. I am discussing this problem here


@vwbugg whoops, i think i had linked to it in a different draft and it was removed somehow. fixed now! ( )

b-vitamins: people chow goes way over on many b-vitamins and other water-soluables – any particular reason @max? my personal anecdotal experience is that taking a b complex supplement (in addition to my conservative multivitamin) results in feeling good.

@isaackotlicky re: Molybdenum – huh, interesting that centrum has it and one-a-day excludes it. thanks for the info on sodium.


Alright, I’ve evolved the recipe a bit.

I was frustrated with the seemingly arbitrary makeup of the various multivitamins, so I’m instead going the route of individual ingredients (for the most part).

I haven’t dialed everything in yet because I’m still deciding on which carb base to use and how much.

Current things I’m exploring:

  • Which Molybdenum to use – there don’t seem to be any major brands offering it, which makes me vaguely suspicious that there is a reason – maybe there is a reason to not store it by itself?
  • Where should I get Chromium? A quick search shows supplements “Chromium Picolinate” and “Tri-Chromium w/ Cinnamon”
  • I Haven’t decided on a carb – I don’t know what flavor I’m going to end up with. There seems to be a lot of love and hate alike for masa. I’m worried about buying a lot of it and then not liking it

Any thoughts appreciated – thanks!


If you live in the USA near Wal-Mart, you can buy a 3-5 pound bag of masa for cheap. Most people recommend the Maseca brand, or the Great Value Corn Tortilla mix.


true, i see it’s on amazon for $10 – so i suppose that’s a fine risk in investment :slight_smile:


Walmart costs between 3 and 5 dollars.


I just read that magnesium oxide has much lower bioavailability than magnesium citrate, and much more should be taken (~2x). This is possibly fine, but since I’m currently using the pill combined with calcium, this could be a problem.

So I’ll probably not use that combo pill and seek individual pills.


I am pretty much all set:

I’m a little under on a few things, but I’m okay with this for now because I’m still going to be eating a balanced muggle meal per day.

Something I want to do at some point is take a deeper dive into nutrient info for the macros – I’ve seen a few somewhat conflicting things. Someone else’s EVOO nutrients had several things I haven’t seen on any labels, and also I’ve been unable to find a source for the masa harina nutrients listed in the people chow ingredient.

Okay, putting in my orders…


There are three nutrients that I’m still researching

  • potassium - I’m a bit wary of going over and I’m pretty sure that it’s present in a lot of muggle food so I’m not concerned for the time being. Also it makes the soylet taste salty, so I’m not eager to add more.
  • phosphorus - there aren’t many supplements which supply it and the ones which do come with other nutrients, and even in those cases the phosphorus amount is very low. this is a similar story as potassium, so I may end up acquiring from PureBulk.
  • fiber - haven’t put much thought into it yet. my muggle food often includes a big salad, so I’m probably pretty good overall.


Correct. Almost every food you eat will have potassium in it, enough that you probably do not need to supplement if you eat even a crappy American diet. This is part of the reason why any multivitamin you buy will have very low levels of it, and you need an actual potassium supplement if you want more.

If you do get too much, remember that sodium and potassium work in tandem. Too much salt? More potassium will help your body get rid of. The reverse is also true. At least according to the Internet.

Please be careful. Your body does not need a ton of phosphorus (less than 1g and a third of your sodium intake), and many foods and supplements already include enough. Your typical DIY Soylent will have enough between the whey protein and multivitamin. If you oversupplement phosphorus, you can kill your kidneys. Watch the DIY site and keep it in the green.

You will not be consuming much in the way of bad stuff like cholesterol, so you do not need much soluble fiber. Insoluble is still a good thing to keep the dingleberries out and your gut flora happy. But still get some of both.


have a favorite source to recommend?


I bought some from Amazon. With this kind of product review, who could pass it up?


hah, I’m convinced. Ordered!


I’ve commented on the recipe itself, but for your Soy Milk version, the Tapioca Flour Potassium statistics cannot be right. 6g/serving? Maybe 0.006g?