Journalist looking to interview soylent user


Hey guys - my names Amir Khan, I’m a reporter with U.S. News and World Report. I’m working on a story about soylent and ambronite, and I was wondering if anyone from this sub would be willing to chat for 5-10 minutes today about their experiences with soylent. I’d really appreciate it! You can reach me at



@vanclute is the man to contact.
He has his own blog and a few youtube videos about Soylent.
@BriBy is also a good pick me thinks :slight_smile:


Fantastic. Thanks man.


Heh so many people to pick from, I think it would be important that a larger sample of Soylent comsumers gets interviewed so it doesn’t end up sounding too one sided

Amir don’t be afraid to asking questions here on the forum either as that will give you a larger view of what we all have to say if you want


Yeah for as much as we’re happy to talk to anyone in the media about our experiences, we’re certainly not the only ones. Variety of respondents is definitely a good thing! =)


You should definitley voice the opinions of people still waiting to recieve as well