Journalist looking to talk to NYC-area Soylent fans/users


Hello Soylent community,

My name is Adrian Chen and I’m a journalist working on an article about Soylent for New York Magazine. (you may remember me from my short Gawker post on Soylent, which generated some discussion on here a while ago.)

In my article I’d like to highlight the Soylent community as well as the company, because I believe all of you have been a big reason why Soylent has taken off. I’d love to meet some NYC-area members of the Soylent community for the article. If you’re interested could you please email me: in the next few days? I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have over email or Twitter.

Thank you!

Adrian Chen


just bumping this. Would still like to hear from anyone in the NYC area who has had experience with Soylent!