Joylent Changes Name


To JimmyJoy… What in the hell is a JimmyJoy. I would rather have a JennyJoy in my mouth then a JimmyJoy.



Me too, man. Me too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Really, wow? RF is now protecting its branding, I get it.

Joylent could have changed their name to something much better. Over on the Joylent forums someone came up with enJOYment.

So far I came up with: NutriJoy, JoyJoy, JennyJoy, FoodJoy, JoyFood, NuJoyFood, Succulent, Joyfulent, Joyfuelent, Joyfuel.

Even JoyFoods is better than JimmyJoy…


Best I saw was Joylence - a mix between Joy and Excellence. Close enough to Joylent that people wouldn’t have an overly negative opinion, but different enough there wouldn’t be an issue with RF.


If you want to contribute those to the effort, this is the brainstorm thread on the Joylent forum.


Already there, already there. :slight_smile:




Seriously the worst name ever