Joylent! Europe's answer to Soylent


Joylent - Europe’s answer to Soylent

However, for any Europeans who feel like trading in pizza, pasta and burritos for three daily doses of beige liquid, Dutch artist Joey van Koningsbruggen has taken it upon himself to help. Conveniently, Soylent list all of their ingredients on their website, so Joey just ordered each individual component and smashed them all together himself.

He wasn’t planning on selling the stuff, but the attention was instant as soon as he started blogging about his experiment. And after his first video was shared by his Facebook friend and Dutch celebrity, writer Ronald Giphart, Joey officially went into business. When I spoke to him he had 20 people drinking his powdered nutrient mix, which he’s dubbed “Joylent”.


Wow! I guess there goes @isaackotlicky’s name idea… (Joylent) :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, so Joey van Koningsbruggen is mixing this stuff up from home himself? I wonder if homemade food laws are more lax where he is - I’m currently scrambling to get certified and official myself before things get too big… (or people write news articles about me!) :open_mouth:

Here’s his website:

Looks like he’s using the same WooCommerce plugin for Wordpress that I’m using on my site. :wink:


His nickname on the Soylent forums is “Hosselman”, which is Dutch for “hustle man”.

There’s nobody with that nickname registered on these forums. You usually have to take Vice articles with at least 1/5tsp of salt.


Yeah, I noticed that. Maybe they’re talking about Reddit?


I was well up for that until I noticed that it was banana flavour… bleagh. :disappointed:


LOL, the pricing is ludicrous!
WTF, how can they be serious with that price, it’s more than all my combined bills plus the current expense for food.


€55 is approx $75 (£44), and that’s for ten days, not seven. Seems cheaper than Soylent to me… unless I’m missing something obvious?


I guess food, and everything else, is cheaper in, I assume from the username, Croatia.

So between him and the Czech MANA guys, things are on the move in Europe.


Who are those? Never heard of them.


They seem to be trying to replicate Rosa in every way, including a (Czech version of) kickstarter. Their Facebook page; their funding page–both of these in Czech. Some guy on Reddit has been getting their beta-testing stuff.

As apparently can anyone in Europe via the website (scroll down).


Such a huge disappointment, I was expecting for it to be cheaper because of many lax EU trade agreements and geographical proximity but it’s even more expensive than Soylent.

They are probably just really, really greedy.


The price is higher, but then again you don’t need to pay for overseas shipping. Whether it’s worth it is your call.


Sweet! I can finally get my hands on some of this stuff. Does anyone know what shipping service they use? Since I’m going to be away a lot this summer I’d like to know if I need to be home when they arrive, and how long it’s likely to take.


Anyone has tested it yet ?


I ordered 20 days of the stuff yesterday. I’m off to China in a week, so if it arrives before then I’ll try to write something. Otherwise I’ll have to wait until I get back in late July/early August.

The price is great, but the whole “artist/drug dealer cooking it up in his apartment” thing doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the safety of the product. And I’m not going to pay for a year’s supply in advance until it starts looking a bit more serious. :). But yeah, if nobody’s written anything about it when (if) I get it, I’ll post something.


Hey, why does anyone says it it more expensive then Soylent? It is 55,- EUR for ten days instead of 85,- dollar for seven days.


Great Ari! Thanks for ordering. I am really curious about what you think about it.


I tried it for 30 days exclusively. There arent alot of independent reviews though, i will make a page for that asap.


If you are not at home it is givin to your neighbours or dropped of at a local store so you can pick it up later.


The price is not higher.