Joylent update new recipe


Hey people,

So I just got my latest shipment of Joylent with the updated ingredients.

I have some banana bags to try tomorrow but I first started with Vanilla to compare to my last batch of the old recipe.

Unfortunately I never tasted the old Banana but I’ll still do a bit of a review tomorrow for those interested.

The new vanilla is apparently a better mix of vitamins or some fandangled nerdery that I don’t understand. I may even do a post in a week or so and see if I notice anything abnormal.

I’m hesitant to do so though as I still feel like some people are over confident in attributing the effects of soylent to what they feel in their body.

I like to keep mine pretty watery at 1.8 litres of water for 1 whole pack plus the oil. I also add two trays of ice cubes because I’m unorganised and don’t put it in the fridge the night before. If you do this it feels more like a drink and less like sludge. I use a bar mix and then add the oil afterwards and give it a quick shake. Someone said blending oil was bad mmmmkay?

I feel like it is less sweet but more like actual vanilla rather than fake vanilla flavouring.

It realised I was putting WAY too much oil in the previous batch as I figured it should take the same amount as official Soylent does. However, this order came with the designated little oil capsules so I’ve added that and it makes it way less slimey which is awesome. The capsules are porbably only 25ml or so compared to the 150ml I was putting in… my bad.

It’s a little more bland but I’m starting to understand what people mean with the whole “you don’t get sick of bland” thing. I feel like I could drink this one more consistently. I currently use it for breakfast and lunch then have a real dinner with the gf who (being a foodie) is horrified that I would ditch food for this stuff.

Overall great job Joylent! It’s delicious, mixes well and is very drinkable.


Is there any gas,bloat, smell after consumption? any headaches? is your sleep affected? How are your energy levels? Any increased or decreased urination than usual? I ask this because whey protein makes me pee a lot more.

Looking forward to all these in your review tomorrow.


So the good news is the banana flavour is freaking awesome. I almost like it better than the vanilla one.

I think the banana also suffers less from separation. I.e if it takes you 5mins to drink your joylent, the vanilla one needs a bit of a re-shake to get it all homogenous again where as the banana one less so.

@Tark, as per my original post, I think it’s far too hard to attribute Joylent to any of these things as I don’t eat it 100% and there’s just way to many variables to control.

I’m not dead nor do I feel any different is all I’ll say. What I do know is that the lifestyle is freaking awesome. Knowing you’re getting what you need and not having to think about it is such an awesome thing.


I was just curious. I want all of them soylent,joylent,100% food, meal squares, one square meal, schmoylent etc to succeed. They are way better for people than the industrial junk food and are good for the ecology, and save animals from a lot of suffering too.