Julio, check your PMs



I’ve sent you some very important inquiries about my order. It isn’t standard “When will it be here”.

Thank you.


If you haven’t already done so, emailing info@soylent.me will probably be better than sending a PM through this forum. Julio has responded to all of my emails (though his responses are typically very brief).


Thanks, will do!

I think he might’ve cancelled my order on accident :frowning:


I certainly hope not, but if that’s the case I’m sure they’ll do whatever needs to be done to fix it. Despite the manufacturing and shipping issues that seem to be mostly outside of their control, and their weird silence about said issues, they seem to be very accommodating for customer-service stuff that is within their control e.g. Their willingness to give refunds on unshipped orders at any time, for any reason.


When you’re heavily supply constrained (i.e. tons of people waiting on your product), refunding someone’s order not only makes the refundee happy meaning they’re more likely to buy in the future (and less likely to post nasty things on a forum) but also pushes some other customer up in line making them happier for getting their product sooner.

Its literally win-win-win.


I don’t want a refund, I want my Soylent! :smile: I’ll certainly be upset if I’m to the back of the line :frowning:


In any case, please be sure to update this thread with the results of your inquiry. :slight_smile:


Responded. Your original order was never affected in any way. Thanks for your patience.