Jumping In - Just ordered my first batch of Soylent!

I just purchased a subscription to Soylent and I want to give this a good try. I am overweight and despite my best intentions I have found myself unable to control my eating habits. I find that food addiction is one of the worst addictions because food is so prevalent and available in society. What makes it worse is that food is required to live, you can’t quit food “cold turkey” like a drug addict can! You try to stick to a diet, but when your family drags you for pizza it’s like handing some drugs and saying just use a tiny bit and control yourself!

I hope that Soylent will allow me to follow a routine and get control of my eating!


Welcome! I don’t think that Soylent will solve the problem, but it is bound to help you get it under control.

Thanks, I’m not expecting a “magic bullet” but a tool that I can use!