June 27 order status


Hello. I have tried emailing @Soylent but just got the std form letter reply. Three weeks ago I was told my order was shipping “within a few weeks” but still nothing. I have also set up a subscription and paid first month of that. Want to make sure I can get my soylent and not runout inbetween. Sorry if I am pestering but now 10 days short of 6 months and getting very frustrated. Thanks in advance.


Am I posting in the correct area? I have sent another email to info@soylent.me. Is this the correct address or should I be trying somewhere else. Last time I checked status I got a response in a few hours but now nothing from yesterday or this morning…???


You’re in the right place, and you already tagged @Soylent, so you’re on the right track. Sometimes they’re pretty quick, other times it can take a few days to get a response. Since all June orders were said to have been completed I expect they will ship it out as soon as they get to your post.


Thanks Ken.

Another polite bump because it’s been another day and still no help from @soylent.


I think it would be very interesting to know how Rosa Labs is working on this backlog and what their strategy has been… What has and hasn’t worked over the last 6 months?? Is this some sort of state secret? Are they constrained by suppliers? Production facilities? Surely by now they have a good feel for what weekly demand will be going forward given the number of outstanding orders and the percentage of customers who move to subscriptions etc. I’m kindof surprised new customers still face a 4-6 month wait. Can RL project forward to some day when new customers can get product within a few weeks? Why aren’t they at that stage by now? @Soylent, we’re all supporters here… Can you give us anything more specific than just “we’re trying really hard.” ?


Great points. I don’t get it. They have a great product, but there are some serious problems with the way they do business. I sent another email to them a few hours ago. They have been around a few times too over the last day but haven’t posted, so I know they have seen my tags. I can’t believe that after 3 business days someone can’t at least contact me and say “hey let me check into that for you”. I want to make this my full time food but it seems to be almost impossible to rely on getting monthly subs filled too reading all the problems on here.


@AudioDude The first installment of your subscription order is shipping in 2-3 business days – tracking # email to follow. Your next billing period is set to January 18. Thanks for reaching out and engaging with the Soylent community!

Regarding production, fulfillment and service: We’re aware that the backlog (in both orders and customer service inquiries) is far from ideal. Resolving them is our highest priority.

At this point, the limiting factor on our fulfillment rate (standing currently at 200k units/month) is the production capacity of our copacker. To address this issue, we have spent the last few months visiting other copackers around the country, and have signed Soylent manufacturing contracts with multiple. Once they come online in 2015, Soylent production will increase dramatically (think 10x).

Hiring the right people takes time, but we are working as quickly as possible to scale up our customer care team. Incidentally, if any of you are located in the Los Angeles area and are interested in applying to the team, click here: http://plk.tn/1sEsH1H


Hi @soylent, was that order update intended for me? Just curious cause Aaron_Brice didn’t comment here. Thanks


That was intended for you, @AudioDude. Apologies for the mixup.


Ok,thank you so much!


It showed up in my email, thought I was getting a free subscription… :smile:


Thank you for shedding a little light :smile:
I look forward to getting mine in 2015!


I have interacted with some members of your customer support team via email and have been uniformly impressed with their quality. Also, fantastic news on the increased production in 2015!


Got shipping lable printed email last night. Est delivery 12/22-12/25. Hopefully it’s gonna be a beige xmas. Thanks soylent and everyone for their input.