June order still not shipped


i ordered a weeks worth of @soylent on June 10th 2014 and on November 17th i received a shipping notification. Since then nothing has happened, the fedex tracking still shows the first status of having received shipment information, but nothing more. i tried emailing info@soylent.me but didn’t get a reply, so i’m trying my luck here.

it just feels a bit like the order was about to be processed and then forgotten or something, any feedback would be very much appreciated

btw. a friend ordered within minutes of me, same order size and he received his in December.


Your order definitely fell through the cracks. Contact Soylent directly, and they’ll ship it promptly.


i tried replying to the shipping notification (info@soylent.me) without luck, should i just keep trying to email?
is there another way of directly contacting them?


You’ve properly tagged @Soylent here, so there isn’t much more to do than wait. They have previously had a good record of responding within 24-36 hours… but I said that in another thread recently and it took them over 48 hours to respond.

I know they have job openings and even cross posted a job posting to these forums (looking for web based email support agents to help with handling the customer service email address, one presumes)… but not much else has been officially announced since 1.3 and the subsequent announcement about getting additional funding from an investment group.

Presumably there are big changes going on right now, and that is the reason for the rash of missed orders.

Not much to do except wait (or continue to make a nuisance of yourself here, tagging @Soylent every few days until they respond.)

Best of luck


Apparently they are now shipping orders from August 2014, so you should have already received your order.


@novascreen The last time I emailed them it took about 2 weeks to get a reply. Good luck


I ordered on June 9 and am on my 4th months worth. Email someone personally as you are way over due.


maybe @JulioMiles can help