Just a video showing how to make Soylent



i may ask, why do you have brown sugar in it? and you could use a mix of iodized salt and mineral salt.


But where are all the vitamins?


The vitamins are in the Emergen-C.


A lot of the vitamins are also in the soy protein, specifically the Trader Joe’s brand.

For those of you who don’t know, the recipe in the video is the Hackerschool soylent recipe.


I was going to create another thread called “Yet another ‘how I make Soylent’ video”, but was prompted to the existence of this thread. Fair enough, there’s no need for my video to be in a thread all by it’s lonesome.

Well I bought a shiny new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition last week, and needed an excuse to send it on it’s maiden journey. I was going to strap it to my forehead and… well why do that when you also have a pair of cheap and nasty “HD Video Camera Spy Glasses”.

A bit of iMovie magic, and a chilled reggae sound track from the youTube Audio Library, and the result is…

This is **four x real time **, so no I am not that quick.

Unfortunately the glasses seem to shoot above where you are looking. I suppose if you were a spy that would be good, you could keep your head down and wander around. The crazy things you can buy on the internet…


Cool video, unfortunately it looks like you sped it up after the addition of the text effects, so some of them (primarily in the beginning) go by so fast you don’t even get a chance to read them. Ideally you would speed up the motion footage only and add the text effects later. Also your actions go by so quick - especially the spy camera - that they can’t really be made out. That POV footage is kinda interesting and it would be nice to be able to comfortably watch it.

I think you may have been better off leaving the footage at 1x or maybe 2x realtime, and just do jump-edits to remove the sections of you switching ingredients, grabbing containers, scooping 12 times, etc. to tighten it up.

Disclaimer: In a former life I was an editor for my living so I obsess over such things. LOL


Yes I know it’s not ideal. You are partly right. The first few effects were added before I sped it up. I had to do two passes at it due to iMovies kludge interface. It was my first play with both iMovie and the picture in picture concept in general. The issue was both cameras split the files at arbitrary places so I had to blend it into one file first. That process took hours. I decided just to leave it.
The main point of the excercise was to establish if iMovie is usable, as I am hoping to travel with a few gopros later in the year and wanted to know what it would take to do a simple edit, and upload in a daily basis. It’s not very useful unless you have a lot of time. So I will be getting an adobe premiere subscription, as I I’ve used that before. It just annoys me you don’t have the option to buy anymore.
But thanks for your advice, it makes sense. I was planning to edit the hell out of it, but knowing what premiere can do and discovering what iMovie can’t do left me a little disenchanted. I may yet have another crack at it in premiere and re-upload for an a-b comparison .


I think I will wait till I make my next batch and reshoot, with the glasses pointing down. Will look odd though as I still need my reading glasses to see the scales. I may experiment with wearing them upside down. Even weirder.


Yeah I tried iMovie once and was like WTF is this crap? LOL But I was coming from a pro editing background so, definitely not the target market for it.

You could just let the glasses slide down your nose maybe? Kinda look over them while you work?