Just convinced 3 people at work to buy Soylent


Took about a week of explaining and such…Told them of the ups and downs. That most people who have got the product were very happy and planned on keeping it up.

They go to the site, select their stuff and add it to their cart and then see the “Estimated Shipping Time: 4-5 months for new customers / 1-2 weeks for returning customers.”

All 3 said f-it and didn’t place their orders.

5 months is a long time to keep the fire burning. Can’t say I blame them but I did send them to the DIY page for now…We’ll see.


I’ve already got about 15 people here in the Chicago suburbs that are geared up for a “tasting event” once my Soylent shows up. I’m really surprised at how curious people are once they understand that it’s not Ensure.

These people are not high tech coders either. Simply parents and friends, middle aged and wondering what a different food experience might be like. Once you get them to understand that it’s food, just in a different form, the light goes on. It seems to take some of the uncertainty out of it.


Glad to see the order website no longer says 8-10 weeks since that is clearly not achievable anyway. Losing customers is the natural outcome of delays.


I talked to someone at work who is really into food and making nice dinners. But even she immediately volunteered that she found the prep of elaborate food after a tiring work day a hassle. She was really interested in the concept for non-foodie days.



I had an incredibly similar experience. I ended up mixing a day up for a handful of friends so they could try it and a couple found they liked it. I warned them about the ordering delay and I could just see them deflate. :frowning:


:smiley: Yeah I am not planning to talk more about Soylent until shipping does not take more than a few weeks for new orders. That way my recommendations are more likely to stick. My familiy has finally accepted the idea of Soylent, at least that it is something I am really in to. My mom tried a small sip from my last Soylent and started making gagging noises… she didn’t like the consistency because of the rice protein :confused: I did find the gagging noises to be a bit excessive… but that’s my mom for you hah


It’s amazing how marketing affects the way customers perceive a product. Ensure has maltodextrin (the chief source of carbs in Soylent 1.0) but uses table sugar to reach its calorie count. Otherwise, the “Plus” version is very similar to Soylent in terms of nutritional completeness.

But I’d wager that the people who are interested aren’t aware of the sugar content of Ensure. What turns them off to Ensure is that it’s for sick, geriatric patients. On the other hand, Soylent is a hip life-hacking tool. It’s fascinating.


That’s so true @Vicc. The fact that it was crowd sourced even adds to allure.

My choices are:

  1. Go into a Walgreens and buy Ensure (with loads of sugar)
  2. Order a cool new product that’s getting lots of press, and be a part of a pretty cool community to boot.

I’ll take a number 2 (that doesn’t sound right…)


I’m glad RL has posted a more realistic shipping expectation for new orders. The 2 week pause causing an added 8-10 week delay for existing orders is a bit shady…

I was at the end of my 8-10 week wait when I got slapped w/ an additional 8-10 week wait.


The pause was not the reason for the extra delay. The extra delay is because the first estimate was way off :slight_smile: not because they are shady heh


verbatim from my email - "Based on early customer feedback, we paused production (now resumed) to make some changes to our packaging to make it even easier to integrate Soylent into your life. This unfortunately caused a delay in production, which pushed your order back by up to an additional 8 to 10 weeks (beyond the 10 to 12 weeks lead time we anticipated when you first purchased).

This clearly states that the pause in production caused the additional 8-10 week delay. That’s shady.


I’d rather they be honest and say the initial shipping projections were way off which pushed orders back by 8-10 weeks. Blaming the 2 week production pause is dishonest in my opinion.


That is odd, because RL seemed to suggest here in the forums that production continued and that shipping was the only process halted.

The inconsistency in messages is confusing. Did I get the wrong message or have other people been led to believe that production continued during the stop in shipment?


I think you got the right message regarding the 3rd and 4th message, but the wrong message regarding the 2nd…The 1st message is still open to interpretation. What were we talking about again?:slight_smile:


I know it is a bit OT but holy cow, you are prolific with thread creation. A+


Yeah I latched onto the community portion of things…For better or worse, lol