Just drank an entire day's worth in 20 mins


Was bored…so lets see how long I stay full…

Update: No hunger, some discomfort, multiple trips to the bathroom for #1…Too much fluid…Maybe half a day at a shot next time.

Update: All done working the extra through the system…Kept me full for a while but obviously wasn’t the Soylent per se as much as the volume of liquid etc…

Adjusting after side-effects

that doesnt sound safe, i bet the gas is gonna get interesting


Gonna be like Hiroshima up in there.


That wasn’t a good choice. Good luck with your bowels.


God Speed Buddy! #YOLO


I’ll say a prayer for your colon.


I would do it on a bet. It’s not generally wise though because you’re going to be hungry at some point, I would guess.


I don’t think I could even drink the entire pitcher in one sitting. Too much fluid.


he hasnt replied, my guess is he exploded


My stomach would explode before my intestines of I tried that


I think my intestines would leap straight up through my neck to throttle my brain in a misguided (heh… guide) attempt to save themselves.


As your doctor, I advise you to put a Taco Bell 7 Layer Burrito on top of that, then call me in the morning.


not sure if anything on top of that would be advisable… even jello, i dont think there is even room for jello


How about a wafer-thin mint?


Better get a bucket.


Oh man, I can’t stop laughing at this. I can’t drink a whole pitcher in a day, even when that’s all I’m “eating.” Comments are great.


He must be related to Mr. Creosote.

Anyone know where Mr. Muggle Creosote lives? It’s been almost a day. Should check the obits from his area.


You have to think of Soylent like you would any other meal. What you’ve essentially done, is binge eat.

Say you took 2500 calories (or whatever your daily amount is) of traditional food (maybe 3 big macs, 2 large fries) and ate it all within 20 minutes, would you be hungry afterwards? Certainly not for a while. But if you did that at 10 in the morning, would you still feel satiated at 8 PM? My bet is on “no”, because that’s not how hunger, insulin levels, etc. work.

Regarding the bathroom situation, same thing. If you eat that many calories of food at once, you’re probably going to have discomfort, no matter what type of food it is.


Still no reply from our OP. We could have our first Soylent death on our hands, lol. Note, I actually don’t believe the OP drank a whole pitcher in 20 minutes.


I never thought a Soylent thread could generate morbid fascination, but I know I’m waiting to hear the results, too. Holy Colon Blow, Batman.