Just drank an entire day's worth in 20 mins


You beat me to it :slight_smile:


Methane poisoning in 20 chars.


@Muggle, how are you doing?



This might be my favorite thread of all time.


“Next time?” Why? (Although since you might do it again, you can try to chug it in one shot. For science.)


It’s not all that weird to eat your day supply in one shot. A few years ago I only ate 1 big meal a day and I would eat it as quick as possible because food is such a chore for me. If you don’t have trouble with gas on Soylent then I doubt there will be any negative effects other than you might feel hungry later.


Next time, without adding water. and the time after that he should try doing it interorectogestion (South Park)


I need a way to give this more likes. I just had four co-workers and my supervisor come check on me as I just about died laughing and apparently my method of dampening my snickering makes it sound like I’m dying. Best morning laugh I’ve had in a while.


True. The only limit is the stomach volume. You can mix 400 grams of Soylent with 40 oz (1.25 liter) of water and it will be quite drinkable “stuff” with total volume of about 45 oz.
I think that you will be hungry in 18-20 hours, due to less than optimal usage of your calories and some waste of them, but no health risks.

I know people who have been eating several days in a row in buffet style restaurants and it was enough for them for next 23 hours. Of course they needed to eat much more calories and had a pretty high rate of waste, but quite efficient in terms of costs of nutrition :slight_smile:


I ate a whole pizza once.


I ate two pizzas once


I ate 2 kg of spareribs once. No regrets :pig:


I once dreamt that a hamburger was EATING ME!


Once I watched Good Burger three times in one day.


I ate this pig once


I’m sorry. I think I ate your chocolate squirrel.


what has that pig ever done to you? :frowning:


It was hiding bacon.


I ate hákarl a few times.