Just drank an entire day's worth in 20 mins


That is on the level of Casu marzu and Surströmming


Nah, it’s more like natto or something. More “weird acquired taste” than “straight-up nasty”. Maggot cheese is like the adult equivalent of a triple-dog dare or something, except you can act like you’re cooler and more sophisticated because you stuck your tongue to a flagpole.


So uh… OP never came back? I’m actually growing concerned!!!

I’m curious to know what happened.


Actually he did. If you notice there are a couple “updates” in the first post on the thread… and I’ve seen him make a number of other posts and threads since this one.


The OP has a mild tendency to make threads for attention, that’s all.


o, my bad… I didn’t notice no.


Had an odd experience the other day I thought I’d share…
Came home late from a long day at a customer’s site and was starving so I gulped down about 1000 kcal of prepared Schmoylent and later that night had a bit of GI distress… really nasty gut cramps that would sneak up then dissipate after 40-60 seconds. I can’t completely rule out the muggle meal I had for lunch around 1pm but I’m leaning towards the quick intake of Schmoylent… It tends to trick the gut as the feeling of satiation comes minutes later. The following day I finished off that batch with no trouble so I know there was nothing wrong with the Schmoylent.


I just drank 4/5 of an entire pitcher in about 10 minutes and I feel fine. It was delicious.


I have lately drank my daily 100% allocation in a few hours in the early morning several times and made it to midnight without starving or being uncomfortable.

I think that people may have typical “hungry times” during the day and allocating one’s Soylent to those times might be a viable strategy that contrasts to the normal one of setting mealtimes at regular intervals. I’m still trying different patterns of consumption.


If this is typical, it could have interesting implications for how we eat in general. I would not have expected one to be able to eat a lot at one time and not be hungry many hours later.


I used to live off two big meals a day with a good 6-8 hours between them. My first meal of the day was sometimes not until 2 or 3pm. When I started with powdered food I switched to a lot of small servings but found then I couldn’t eat the large muggle meals any more without severe GI distress. For all the talk of the benefits of eating more smaller meals vs a few large meals, one benefit to the large meals is retaining the ability to eat large meals (and go for hours without eating). Not sure which is healthier, but from a practicality standpoint I see the benefit of large meals.


One benefit to smoking is being able to smoke without coughing that much!


Supposedly your body can only absorb so much of a particular nutrient per meal.


lol… I guess you really can adapt to just about anything.
Seriously though, I would hate to loose the ability to enjoy a big shredded beef burrito slathered in cheese and guacamole… Eating 5 or 6 small (300-400kcal) meals I just can’t do it.


Sometimes I hope that is the case (with macronutrients) when I end up eating a whole bag of chips in one day. :grin:


I drank 4/5 of an entire pitcher this morning at 5:00 am in 10 minutes. It was cold and delicious and I was hungry from working out yesterday. It’s 1:30 pm and I’m not hungry and feel fine with no ill effects. I had drank one whole pitcher yesterday and it wasn’t enough. At midnight I drank about 1/5th and then woke up at 5:00 am hungry and finished the rest.


I’ve decided I’m going to wait until I’m hungry again and then drink as much Soylent as I want. I work out hard four times a week, so one pitcher is not enough for those days I’m finding.


Actually, I don’t find that hard to do. If you are really hungry it’s like having a giant nutritious milkshake.


This image is disgusting.


I didn’t read the whole thread but… Is a whole day of Soylent about 2L water? Just checking, because actually, chugging more than 2L of water all at once can potentially kill you, never mind the Soylent. Water intoxication aka water poisoning is a thing.