Just drank an entire day's worth in 20 mins


He lied


Well that’s good. Because if someone drops dead from water intoxication, Soylent will end up sued, anti-Soylent people will give us even more grief than they already do, and then we’ll all suffer. And ummm, if someone drops dead, I guess that’s bad too. Lol :smiley:


Water intoxication is a thing, but it’s caused by a severe imbalance in electrolytes from drinking a huge excess of water without other nutrients. Just like eating half a gallon of yogurt in a sitting, which is largely water, won’t give you water intoxication (though I’m sure you’ll feel sick!), neither will drinking your full day of Soylent (though that’s not likely to feel very good either).


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This image is delicious.[/quote]


It would be disgusting if he ate it more than once though.


Naw I do get your point. It’s handy being able to handle eating a wide range of stuff, and as far as I know, single big meals on their own aren’t especially damaging.


Perhaps interesting: the LD50 of water is roughly 6 L at a bodyweight of 75 kg.

Death by water intoxication sounds pretty difficult, to be honest. I bet that guy drank more than enough to kill himself (up to 9.5 L in 90 minutes), even without knowing his body weight.

About 1.6 L of water, but it depends on how you prepare it. Slightly higher for me in the Takeya pitcher, but I haven’t weighed it (recently enough to remember anyway).

I can confirm that image is super disgusting if you haven’t eaten meat in years (well, to me anyway).


No, the image in question looks delicious, mmmmmmm bacon :slight_smile: .


Only once? Didn’t you like him?