Just drank my first 16oz. of Soylent 1.5

After reading LOTS of reviews I was surprised…not gritty, relatively neutral taste, mixed easily and I feel full afterwards.

I just put around 16oz. of water in my Nagalene, a scoop of 1.5, a scoop of whey protein powder…then added a wire mixing ball and shook for around 2-3 minutes and then consumed.

This was the “it just arrived 5 minutes ago” test drive. I plan on pre-mixing it the night before in the blender with a banana and the protein powder.

Any suggestions, critique of technique, bonus ideas???

I’m pretty happy so far, my basic plan is to go to 80% Soylent to 20% actual food consumption if my body tolerates it well.

Background…54yo male, approx. 285lbs, non-diabetic but cardiac issues.


Definitely mix the night before I say. Much better tasting. Not that the taste is bad but try adding some cocoa powder. Man that is great. Cinnamon is also not bad. My next batch (I drink for breakfast so a batch lasts 4 days) is going to experiment with powdered lemon peel from Penzey’s.


Baking cocoa is definitely recommended and making sure it settles and chills for a few hours.

my DIY uses Cocoa powder and for a full day (3 drinks) it only takes 4 grams of cocoa and that is enough. it doesn’t seem like much but it tastes like a chocolate milk drink.

Thank you all for the replies. I just had my second meal and I agree, sitting overnight makes it way better…thicker, richer, no grit at all. I blended up a full batch plus the added whey protein (forgot to add my banana though), overnight in the fridge and enjoy…what could be easier.

Will try the cocoa powder next batch, have to dig it out of the pantry.

Thanks again.

Well, since you asked…

(Although I guess 2.0 would be harder to customise.)

It tastes best a few hours after mixing, kinda about when it gets cold in the fridge.
Blending with a banana the night before is a losing move, the banana gets an off flavor after a few hours of being blended up, it’s horrid, but it is not nice like it is when fresh. Best to mix up the straight soylent the night before and do any flavor mixing at the time you consume it (I always end up mixing up to much flavored and that is how I know the flavor gets less good as it gets more old).
The simplest good tasting mix for 1.5 is 2-3 oz decent OJ mixed with 12-3 oz soylent, I actually no longer mix it, OJ in the pint glass first, then pour in the soylent to the top, the OJ stays partly unmixed in a way that lightens and brightens the flavor of the drink.
I average about 75% soylent 25% regular food.
Soylent should help/allow you to quit as many bad food habits as you want, sugar, pizza, shitty foods…

one of the DIY recipes I found says that they flavor it with an orange flavoring and when you look to see what orange flavoring that they use its Koolaid… so got some random flavors of Koolaid to see what works for me… I haven’t tried them yet I like how mine tastes anyway its like chocolate milk

I just bought some powdered lemon peel which I’m going to try Sunday.