Just got back from the doctor...Terrible news


Turns out I’m in great health…Thanks a lot People Chow Premium…Now I’ve got nothing to come between me the wife’s honey do list…Great, just great.


How long have you been on it? Did you eat muggle food as well since you started consuming soylent? Did you get blood work done?


lol, you totally got me with that title.
I like that recipe too but i left chow for fuel.


No muggle food…cholesterol and such were down, so was my weight etc…On it for about a month…Plan on continuing asap


I’ll take the congrats thanks…:slight_smile:


LOL I see what you did there!

Totally got me too… congrats, I think… :wink:


You have just inspired within me a longing for more humor in my posts, unfortunately my taste is still not as refined as yours, i find myself laughing at drunken baby and cat memes. :blush:


I had a physical two weeks ago & they still haven’t called me regarding the blood test results… I wonder if no news is good news, or if they’re so confused by the results that they’re still trying to figure it all out.


lol, yeah its funny when i think about it.
I wonder what would go through my head if i were looking at those results and how much they contrast every result i have ever seen from prior patients.
They might end up asking you some questions :wink:
“ah, ya it seems we encountered an error and need you to retake the tests” :smile:



I was worried about another specious causal claim re: Soylent.



Really like the cat pic…
Lol! Funny stuff man…:slight_smile:


Most of my doctors didn’t tell me anything regarding my blood test results unless there was a problem. I now have a doctor who I asked and actually gives me a print out of all my blood results every time they are taken - I love it! I enter the results into WellnessFX and track my health over time. :smile:


P.S. Just received my Soylent within the last few days…Have only consumed it twice…but plan on continuing and eventually having some blood tests done.