Just got my Reshipped Soylent to Canada!


I live in Western Canada and I really badly wanted to try out some Soylent… but no International shipping yet.
So I had it reshipped to me! If you are thinking about reshipping to your address here is how it went for me.

1.) I signed up for an American address at Reship.com. Cost $5

2.) I purchased Soylent and had it sent to the Reship address. Cost $300

3.) Reship received the package and sent it via DHL to my Canadian address. Cost $100

4.) Arrived in Canada but was held for Customs Inspection.

5.) Released from customs and was ready for pickup. I picked it up right away! Customs Cost $50

Total cost is about $500 Canadian which is roughly $6/meal.

The process was really smooth and there really were no issues. I can justify the $6/meal because normally I don’t eat breakfast. Throughout the day I have a large coffee $2 and I normally eat fastfood at lunch. The fastfood meal is typically over $10 and not healthy at all. I am NOT trying to cut down on the cost of meals, I just need my meals to be more nutritious. I am a pretty healthy guy, but I feel like a better diet would be good for my body.

If you are thinking about using a reshipping company, and don’t mind the extra costs, go for it!


It’s definitely more expensive. But it’s quite doable, and many will be OK with the extra cost.

I’m waiting to see how RL makes out with ordering/shipping directly here in the near future - 2015 is very close…

I’m in BC, by the way. My re-shipped order worked out to $8 per meal. (going by 3 meals per day) Works out to $744 per month; my current grocery bill is approx. $300 per month. RL has a ways to go, but I’m sure they’ll get there. :sunny: