Just got my subscription, Soylent bags not sealed

I just received first 28 day subscription of Soylent.

There were 4 bags that were not seal correctly. @Soylent

It happens sometimes in mass production (200K+ bags per month).
Hope it was a small overlook.

PS. I think it will be valuable to know the batch number. It’s next to the bottom of each bag.

number I see is c14335p03

Tagging @Soylent so they are aware. You should also send an email to info@soylent.me

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Don’t be a sycophant. Lots of people have been posting about this recently, and I think it’s something that needs to be taken seriously. I certainly wouldn’t get any more if it happened to me.

Lots of people have been posting about bags not sealed properly?
Maybe I missed those lots of people. This is the first instance that I see.

Don’t be a perfectionist.

If you get a milk package with broken seal - you would probably don’t risk drinking that package. But would you stop purchasing this brand or consuming milk all together?
Don’t say that nobody have ever received food with broken seal. Hint: that’s why producers often put a warning do not use if seal is broken, because they know that it could happen even with well-known brands and certified quality control policies.

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@SergiiMiami Check the thread about people getting sick. And yes, if I became ill from consuming something, especially due to inadequate packaging, I would stop buying it.

I checked that thread.
Nobody actually made any statements about bad sealing of bags, however some people decided to test it with water for leaks and didn’t find any. No mentioning of correlation between bad sealing and feeling sick, because nobody had never seen at that moment badly sealed bag.

It seems like your statement that OP’s problem is happening a lot doesn’t make sense.
“Lots of people have been posting about this recently”. That’s why I pointed, that this is the first time somebody actually found this problem.

@Larry, no offense, but please, try to read exactly what is the problem and not to make generalizations like: several people had problem A, and someone had problem B, so we make conclusion that product is really bad because a lot of their customers (out of total 7,000-15,000 people) are complaining about numerous defects.


I’m keeping my soylent bags and oils in this airtight container.


I already threw away the unsealed pouches because…well you wouldn’t eat unsealed real food? Why would you eat unsealed Soylent?

I don’t think it’s that huge of an issue…not any more so than packaging for regular food that goes to grocery stores?

I’m sure a small amount of food products that gets mass produced also makes it way to the stores unsealed, except the retailer doesn’t put it on the shelf for you to buy.

If unsealed packages were a huge issue we would see it all over these forums, much like how often you see people complain about the long 5-6ish month wait to receive Soylent.

BUT since these are products being shipped to customers directly I think this should be taken a bit more seriously.

I’m sure @Soylent will rectify this error?

I also already emailed info@soylent.me

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I’ve had this happen with similar packaging before, and other foodstuffs. Each time I’ve contacted the manufacturer, and they’ve replaced my loss, free of charge. (it was a total score when it happend to me with a container of Häagen-Dazs - they sent me a coupon for 5 free ones. I hope it happens again. lol)

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@locness Thanks for providing the lot # and pictures for the sealing-error you had – Our apologies for the mishap. 4 replacement pouches have been scheduled to ship out to you. Please let us know if anything else comes up. We definitely take unsealed pouches seriously and want to do everything we can to make sure these errors are occur as little as possible.

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