Just got Squround bottles


2 months ago. Squround
Last month the new tall+wrapper bottle
This month back to Squround
I like the Squround but really dont mind the new ones

More Squround please!


Same here and seconded. I’d rather have the ‘extra muscle to open, fewer layers’ but both are good. Thought it was odd too.


Apparently Soylent contracts with multiple co-packers (bottling facilities), and some of these have bottling machinery that works with one kind of bottle, some with the other. Then they come to Soylent’s warehouse and get shipped out to subscribers more or less at random.

Some people on Reddit have complained that the flavor is different in the different bottle shapes (indicating they were sourced at different bottlers).


Makes sense!
just confirmed, last month was shipped from CA, this month PA
thanks for pointing that out.


I just got the square ones again after having the round ones for a few months. They definitely taste different. I’d say worse.


I received the square bottles recently and agree the Soylent inside doesn’t taste as good as the Soylent in the round bottles.


Last shipment from Soylent and also Amazon went back to Sqround. I prefer the rocket bottles every time, and they taste better. The consistency is also different. And they fit in cupholders easily. Okay the foil can be annoying, but I would take that over the stupid-shaped bottle anyday.