Just had my first meal of soylent and didn't like it at all -- any versions that taste better?


Just ordered two samples from http://aussiesoylent.com.au/ and prepared and ate the Premium meal today.

Gotta say it was, to be honest, disgusting. It tasted like powdered mixed nuts with added water.

For me, if they can make it taste like a less-sugary Sustagen I will give it another go.

Or make it taste-free.

Are there any versions that taste better?

For now, I am out! :slight_smile:


To be clear–you tried aussiesoylent.com’s own brand of soylent, not Rosa Labs’ Soylent?

Since it looks like it, I’m changing the “Soylent” to “soylent” in your headline (the capital S is reserved for the original RL product, not DIY or soylents made by other people or companies).


hate to say it, I’m with you. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile and one tasted like powdered dirt and the other like pancake batter.
the cost of shipping seems to make the others un feasible.
heres hoping there’s a fix.
the premium (powdered dirt) might not be bad with a banana in it but it would mess with your potassium levels (maybe?).


Because it is nutritionally complete and amazingly lacking in stuff you don’t need, you’ve got some wiggle room to spruce up the mix a little. Remember that it might seem counterproductive if you’re looking at the numbers compared to official Soylent, but it is still vastly superior to regular eating habits.

I often make mine with cold-brewed coffee and a shot of heavy whipping cream, that alone is enough to make the shift from tolerable to enjoyable. I also like to add Nesquik sometimes, it has its own kind of graininess that blends right in with that of the Soylent. The other day I tried it with a banana and a big fat scoop of peanut butter, and it was wonderful. I think the peanut butter does something to smooth out the texture.

I’m now compiling “fixer upper” recipes like this so that I can prepare different varieties and break up the monotony of plain Soylent. My next experiments will be strawberry Nesquik and hazelnut coffee creamer.


Adding berries or chocolate can make a huge difference in the taste.
You may check these instructions how to make smoothies or DIY-soylent yummy.


That’s just somebody’s DIY soylent they’re making and selling themselves, like Schmoylent, Joylent, People Chow, 100%Food, etc. That’s not official Soylent from Soylent.me (Rosa Labs).
Several of these DIY sellers in the US and EU, but that’s the only one that’s been advertised in Australia.

Like others have said, try various things to flavor it.
Check out this thread: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/the-flavoring-soylent-thread/12603


A medium banana adds only about 400mg potassium, which is just barely 10% RDA, so it’s not enough to be a problem: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fruits-and-fruit-juices/1846/2


Looks like there’s hope!

I mixed the pancaky one with some Nesquick as @AgentSpiff had suggested and added 1 teaspoon of honey on top and it is now actually a little bit delicious.

Will try it with banana as well when I get the next pack.